Icebergify Creates An Iceberg Of Your Most Listened Spotify Artists

It actually lists your music as a literal iceberg, going further down the ocean.

Image - Icebergify

Social Media is the house of different trends, and now and then, a new one keeps circulating among the users. You might have noticed curious musical Icebergs floating around if you have been using any platform lately.

You aren’t alone on this, as screenshots like these have been going around on Twitter today.

What is Icebergify?

It’s all generated through a magical website called Icebergify. It traces your Spotify listening habits through the app data to create an Iceberg with your favorite artists ranked by popularity.

The website considers your most listened artists to ensure an accurate depiction. The tip of the iceberg will contain your favorite “mainstream” artists; it might include Beyoncé, Drake, etc. The further down the road will be more obscure.

If you want an iceberg of your own, you can open the website directly, although you must insert the Spotify credentials.

The website was created by Akshay Raj, a Rice University computer & data sciences freshman who claims not to monetize it or use the collected data for any other purpose. It only collects Spotify account ID, username, and the top 50 tracks, and artists that you have listened to in the last few years.

How does it work?

Its working is quite simple yet extraordinary, and it presents the results in an appealing way that excites the users. It takes the most listened to artists and sorts them as per the popularity ranking. The website considers different stats such as shares, streams, likes, followers, and saves.

It is why Beyoncé might be the queen of the iceberg with the less popular artists at the bottom, maybe even under the ocean. The website is currently being flooded with users who are sharing their results on social media platforms, so if it doesn’t work instantly, don’t get disappointed.



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