IBM’s 53-qubit Quantum Computer Is On Its Way


We are looking at the next technological shift in quantum computing as IBM has announced its 14th quantum computer with 53 qubits.

One of the most powerful quantum computers around, this system will be available to IBM Quantum network and will be available for external use from October.

Quantum computing is different from the working of classic computers in our homes and offices. Unlike regular computing where the information is carried in either 0 or 1 bit, quantum mechanics allows an atom to be in both 0 and 1 state simultaneously. This bit of data, also the basic unit of quantum information, is called a qubit.

In parallel to the announcement, IBM is opening a Quantum Computation Center in New York State. The new data center will hold the entire fleet of IBM’s quantum computers — five 20-qubit Q computers, one 14-qubit Q computer, four 5-qubit Q computers.

IBM notes that the introduction of a center was necessary to meet the “growing demand for access to real quantum hardware.” The company plans to add 14 more Q systems to the data center by next month along with the latest 53-qubit quantum computer.

According to the company, the 53-qubit system will exponentially increase the performance and efficiency of quantum operations. It will enable IBM to add reliability to the systems, thus increasing the cloud deployments of IBM’s quantum computers.

The new 53-qubit system incorporates new processors and features custom electronics to drastically increase the performance required for quantum computing.

Researchers and scientists can use IBM’s quantum computers in the cloud to test out algorithms for applications. IBM notes that users have run over 14 million experiments using IBM’s quantum computers since 2016.

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