Raspberry Pi + Docker: HypriotOS 1.0.0 Linux Brings Containers To Your Pi


hypriotos bring docker on raspberry pi

Short Bytes: HypriotOS 1.0.0 release recently arrived. It enables you to run Docker containers on entire Raspberry Pi family. HypriotOS is a Debian derivative that comes with out of the box Docker Engine 1.12.1. You need to simply install HypriotOS on your SD card using Hypriot flash tool and run a couple of commands to get this OS up and running.

If we take a look at some of the most impactful technology stories of the past few years, we can easily put Raspberry Pi, a tiny Linux-based single board computer, in the race. Earlier this year, we witnessed the launch of Raspberry Pi 3, a new version with built-in wireless and more powerful 64-bit processor.

This versatile computer already supported Linux-based operating systems and Windows 10 IoT Core. Recently we saw the release of HypriotOS v1.0.0 “Blackbeard”. It’s a new Debian derivative that’s developed to run Docker on your Pi.

Here’s what the official announcement on HypriotOS blog says:

“Today we proudly present our 1.0.0 release of HypriotOS – a container OS that takes you from Zero to Docker within 5 Minutes only, on any device of the complete Raspberry Pi family.”

It’s perhaps the first Linux distribution to offer Docker support for Raspberry Pi. Out of the box, HypriotOS v1.0.0 comes with Docker Engine 1.12.1 and the latest versions of Docker Machine and Docker Compose.

This lightweight operating system needs just 600MB of storage space to install and run. To get this OS up and running, you need to install HypriotOS flash tool and run the following command.

flash https://downloads.hypriot.com/hypriotos-rpi-v1.0.0.img.zip

After this, put your SD card into the Pi and turn on the power. After connecting to a Raspberry Pi, the booting up process just takes five minutes.

Here’s the download link: HypriotOS 1.0.0

HypriotOS 1.0.0 feature highlights:

Here are the major features of HypriotOS 1.0.0. Take a look:

  • Lastest Docker Engine 1.12.1 with Swarm Mode
  • All Raspberry Pi versions are supported
  • Easy flashing with HypriotOS flash tool
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • High performance out of the box
  • Enhanced security
  • Download package is just 232MB

Apart from this Docker integration, Raspberry Pi is also expected to be supported by Google’s upcoming operating system, Fuschia. Another important news comes from Redmond, that has just released the Anniversary update for Windows 10 IoT Core.

For more changes and detailed information about HypriotOS, please read the release notes.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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