Hyperloop One Completes Its First Ever Real Test Successfully

Image: Hyperloop One
Image: Hyperloop One

Short Bytes: Hyperloop One has successfully completed the first real test of its full-scale system. The company tested it on May 12th at its Nevada test track. The 28 feet long pod, made of aluminum and carbon fiber, moved in a tube at the speed of 112km/hr. The target is to pull the speed to 400km/hr. The trial was a success but a lot has to be done.

Get ready for the flying experience! Hyperloop One made its first successful step towards the idea of Hyperloop technology for passenger and cargo transportation. It made its first trial run in the company’s Nevada test track on May 12th, near Las Vegas.

The Hyperloop pod is 28 feet long, which runs in a near-vacuum tube. The pod runs using magnetic levitations through a vacuum tube. It is contrived with structural aluminum and carbon fiber. The speed attained during the test was 112km/hr, and the next target is to rocket the speed to 400km/hr.

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With such hot speed, it would move you from one city to another in very short span of time. For example, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, a distance of 400 miles would be completed in just 35 minutes. The idea was actually proposed by Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla in 2013. He publicized his idea of a bullet train on a 58-page paper, an idea for anybody to start with.

The most amazing part about the test is, everything worked successfully in the first go itself; be it braking or the pneumatic pod or the tube. “It’s the first phase of a test program that will get us to a production unit,” said Josh Giegel, Hyperloop One’s engineering chief.

The track and other technological set-up were managed brilliantly, but a lot more things are to be considered.

It would be like a flying experience to the passengers, though there is no conformity as to what will the reactions of the riders be. Hyperloop Transportation is planning to build a 5mile track in Central California to carry people by 2018.

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