Stephen Hawking Says Moon Mission By 2020 Is Important To Ensure Survival Of Our Species

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Short Bytes: If humankind is to be continued, humans need to abandon Earth in 100 years, says Stephen Hawkings. Earth is growing out of space, and humans need to find a place before it gets too late. Our planet is most likely to turn to an uninhabitable planet. And for now, the demand says that humans need to become a multi-planetary species.

We know the condition of Earth today, and we can estimate the limited number of years of human’s existence on Earth.

Stephen Hawking, a theoretical physicist, and cosmologist comprehended at a Starmus Science Festival that humans need to leave Earth within the next 100 years. He said humans should aim to set lunar bases in 30 years and simultaneously prepare to send humans to Mars by 2025.

If humankind needs to continue, it has to start looking for alternatives. Humans need to turn into a multi-planetary species. It is no more just a desire, it has now become our demand to establish colonies in other worlds.

With the speed with which, Earth’s resources are depleting, a huge fall in temperature balance and ecosystem will be noticed. Along with Space, people are running out of Time too.

Hawking also clearly stated that humans need to plan for another moon landing by 2020. Even American President Donald Trump believes that next Moon-landing Mission should be operated by 2020. Nations like Europe and China have also aimed to reach the Moon by 2020.

Moon and Mars are the best landings to begin our expedition with, says Professor Hawkings. He also suggested that humans can later aim to go to Proxima-B, a planet of the next star system – Alpha Centauri where potential lifeforms are expected to sustain.

“The human race has existed a separate species for about two million years. Civilization became about 10,000 years ago, and the rate of development has been steadily increasing. If humanity is to continue for another million years it relies on boldly going where no one has gone before. I hope for the best. I have to. We have no other option.” , according to The Telegraph.

In about next thousand years, Earth is most likely to become an uninhabitable planet. Also, there are other chances of destruction inside of this Cosmos, which too will swallow Earth in their mysterious phenomena.

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