Hulu Adds SharePlay Support For iPhones & iPad

Binge watch Hulu with your friends on FaceTime!

Hulu supports shareplay feature now
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Hulu made a drastic upgrade today by announcing Hulu SharePlay support for iPhone and iPad users. This update will bring it on par with other streaming apps like Disney+ and TikTok, which support SharePlay. These apps were early adopters of SharePlay and leveraged them on their platform.

What is Hulu SharePlay?

As Apple describes it, SharePlay is a new way to integrate your apps using FaceTime. By doing this, apps can offer a shared experience to users who love to collaborate. So, you could all become a participant in a single activity which could even be streaming content.

Hulu SharePlay support

Hulu SharePlay support makes it easy to connect with your friends and watch a movie or show. Rather than sulking in loneliness, you can use SharePlay to let others join in. Thus, you can conduct a shared session of almost a theatre/TV watching experience with your friends.

If you think you won’t need to buy a subscription to use this feature, you’re wrong. Hulu is not free, and Hulu SharePlay support is only available to paid users. Thus, you can indulge in binge-watching the content everyone has access to. You cannot use it with someone who doesn’t have a Hulu subscription.

Hulu Pricing

Hulu isn’t exactly cheap for the everyday consumer when Disney+ has so much to offer. Hulu pricing starts from 6.99 USD and goes up to 12.99 USD. The cheapest version is ad-supported and may not be ideal for shared streaming. So, to make full use of Hulu SharePlay support, you can go for an expensive ad-free plan.

To access the SharePlay option on Hulu, update to the latest version of the iOS app. Now, open Hulu and tap on the show or movie you would like to share. Press the share option and tap the SharePlay option in the next menu. You can also begin a FaceTime session with your friends first. Then open the Hulu app, and every participant can indulge in collective binge-watching.

Moreover, Hulu also added a new feature that allows Live TV users to switch channels while playing content. The feature offers a TV-like experience of flipping channels with minimal lag. Note that this feature is only available for Apple users and that too with the latest OS variants from Apple.

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