Huawei P40 Pro Could Be World’s First ‘Dual OS’ Smartphone

Huawei P40 with dual OS

Ever since Huawei got banned from the US, we all knew for sure that Huawei’s Android alternative would be a reality. While it did release its home-baked operating system — the HarmonyOS, we never knew when it would incorporate its OS into a smartphone. However, a new video suggests that it could happen soon, that too, with a twist.

Huawei P40 Pro With Dual OS Option?

If a recent video by the YouTube channel TechZG is to be believed, Huawei’s future flagship for 2020 (possibly in March), allegedly called the Huawei P40 Pro, is likely to run Huawei’s HarmonyOS.

However, that’s not all; it will also run the current Android 10 OS by Google. This means that the smartphone will be the world’s first to come with two operating systems.

The presence of both HarmonyOS and Android 10 (sans Google apps) in the forthcoming Huawei smartphone will mean that users will get an option to choose from the OSs at their disposal.

If they wish to go for Huawei’s in-house OS, they can opt for it while booting and vice-versa, giving rise to a dual-booting arrangement.

One thing worth noting is that users won’t be able to switch back to the other OS after they boot any of the OS options.

Here’s the video for a better idea:

To clear the air, the presence of Huawei’s skin (EMUI) and HarmonyOS are two different things. The former is based on Android, while the latter is a standalone microkernel-based OS that is open-source.

To know more about the HarmonyOS and how it is different from Android, you should definitely check our article.

Why The Dual OS Option?

The news comes as a surprise as Huawei introduced HarmonyOS for IoT and smart devices, eventually to get into smartphones.

However, a Huawei executive (during an interview with The Financial Times) suggested that the company’s Android alternative would take a couple of years to become a full-fledged option.

Therefore, the option of two OS in a Huawei smartphone seems feasible so that the company can easily switch the OS if things turn ugly for them in the future.

This option seems OK for users too, given that they have an option to choose from and not just use a completely new OS that might not turn as good as expected.

Although the company thinks positively about the OS, I am not sure how users would welcome the OS and whether or not it affects the user experience of the Huawei phones altogether.

Not The First Company That Thought Of One!

For those who don’t know, Samsung (three years ago) patented the idea of the presence of two OS in a smartphone, which had Android and Windows as the OS options.

Huawei P40 Pro Rumored Specs

The video also hints at possible specifics of the Huawei P40. The smartphone could be powered by the Kirin 990 processor, improved camera department, and run 5G out of the box.

As a reminder, we don’t have any official confirmation at the time of writing. Hence, the aforementioned information can’t be fully believed. For this, we have to wait until Huawei reveals something about its plans for the upcoming smartphones.

So stay tuned to Fossbytes for more updates.

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