Huawei Cannot Use microSD Cards In Its Future Devices

Huawei SD cards ban
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A host of companies have severed ties with Huawei after the US government’s order. Without companies like Google, ARM, and Panasonic, it is difficult for Huawei to sustain in the smartphone business.

Adding more to the list, Huawei has now been banned from using microSD cards in its future devices. The SD Association, a trade group that decides standardized specs for microSD and SD cards, has blacklisted Huawei.

Conforming to Android Authority, SD Association has said that Huawei has been removed from the list of OEMs allowed to use microSD and SD cards after President Trump’s order.

The SD Association’s decision will not affect existing Huawei customers. Storage cards will work flawlessly on the existing devices but Huawei cannot use the cards in its upcoming devices.

Apart from SD cards, Huawei has also been barred by the Wi-Fi Alliance, which sets the standards for Wi-Fi devices across the industry. The Wi-Fi Alliance has “temporarily restricted” Huawei from its list of supported companies as a result of Trump’s orders.

Not being able to microSD and SD cards in its future devices is a huge blow for Huawei, but it seems that the company has already prepared for the worst. Huawei has its own proprietary Nano memory cards that it can use in its upcoming devices. These Nano memory cards are physically smaller and more compact than microSD cards.

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