How Will Elon Musk’s SpaceX Get Us To Mars?

Mars Trip
Mars Trip

Short Bytes: A YouTube video uploaded by the channel Real Engineering explains the technical details of the Mars Trip. SpaceX is working to send humans at a one-way ticket of around 500,000 dollars only.

One of the earliest instances of humans leaving the earth’s atmosphere was of NASA’s Moon Mission–which was rumored to be faked by NASA–in 1969, which was followed by numerous space jump missions from other countries.

The search for exploring the universe continued and the scientists were able to send unmanned robotic rovers to far-flung planets like Mars. For example, the Curiosity Rover by NASA. The first Mars landing was performed by the Soviet Union in the year 1962. Although, it was an unsuccessful mission but the landing probe was able to send few snaps. Indian Space Research Organisation’s recent Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) took a one step further by cutting down the transfer costs to around 10 cents per km of distance to Mars. However, these are government-funded organisations that have existed for years.

One that stands out in the crowd is an Elon Musk-founded company SpaceX, a space transportation service provider which gathered applauds for their cost-efficient reusable rocket launcher Falcon 9. Last year, SpaceX managed to land

Last year, SpaceX managed to land Falcon 9 on a platform after the launch of a NASA’s Jason 3 satellite. The company is now planning to come up with a cost-effective solution for transferring people from Earth to Mars for a cost of about half a million per person for a single side journey.

A video uploaded on the YouTube channel Real Engineering explains the process and the cost required to send us to the Mars. Watch the video below:

It’s no wonder you might be packing your bags for a vacation trip to Mars in a matter of years, or even permanently shift there. We hope SpaceX manages to bring down the half a million ticket price. Else, a trip to Mars is only a daydream for most of us.

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