Here’s How To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously In 2022

Here's How To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously In 2022

Whether you want to stalk your crush or simply want to view your friend’s Instagram story without them knowing, this guide will explore how you can watch someone’s Instagram story anonymously, even if you don’t have an Instagram account.

While there are multiple ways to watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing, in this guide, we’ll be listing three methods. If you have a foolproof method of watching Instagram stories anonymously, share it with us. In the meantime, let’s get started with our guide featuring three methods to watch IG stories anonymously.

How to view Instagram Stories anonymously

Method 1: Watch Instagram Story anonymously using airplane mode

This is as basic as it gets; moreover, the same trick can be used to view and screenshot a Snapchat story without the user ever knowing about it. The trick is to preload the Instagram story first; to preload, an Instagram story, simply open the IG user’s profile and wait for a few seconds. Let Instagram do the work of preloading the IG user’s story.

The second step is to put the phone in airplane mode and wait for it to disconnect to cellular data. Meanwhile, if your phone is connected to Wifi, you might want to switch that off too. Now, tap to view the preloaded Instagram story, but anonymously. Doing all of the above will not allow Instagram to register when viewing the IG story. Thus, your profile won’t appear to the user when and if they see who’s watched their IG story since you’ve watched their Instagram story anonymously, thanks to this method.

Method 2: Use another account

It hasn’t become much simpler than this, and there’s no rocket science to figuring it out. However, there’s a catch. While you surely can watch someone’s Instagram story anonymously using a different account, you need to be following the person’s IG profile.

Since you’d be following the person on Instagram with another profile, you need to be discreet to be anonymous about watching their Instagram story. Simply let the user believe that the person watching their IG story is not you, while in reality, it will be you, just an anonymous viewer.

On the flip side, if the Instagram account is public, you simply need to have another Instagram account and go and watch their IG story anonymously, thus saving you from the trouble of following them.

Method 3: Third-party apps

The last method on our list that lets you watch IG stories anonymously is using a bunch of third-party apps. Popularly known as IG story viewer apps, these apps have gained much popularity in the last few years. And with the rising popularity, several apps have surfaced that promise the same results; however, which ones should you use? Well, we recommend using the app and websites mentioned below.

However, the above-mentioned app and websites do not work if the account is private. Simply put, you can only watch someone’s IG story anonymously via this method if the account is public.

Well, that’s it for the article; we hope you don’t overdo the watching anonymously thing and not use the above methods for something improper. Meanwhile, while we’re on the topic, read our guide to help you better understand if Instagram notifies when to take a screenshot of an IG story, a post, or personal message.

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