How To Unlock And Use Hidden Thesaurus In iOS 12?


iOS 12 is set to roll out next month in Apple’s official iPhone launch event. The latest version of iOS brings many new features such as improvements in the photos app, USB restricted mode, grouped notifications, etc.

Apart from these new features, Apple has also added some small but handy features to improve the overall user experience. One such handy feature is the addition of the Oxford Thesaurus of English.

Being a writer, this feature is extremely useful to me. You can use the thesaurus in iOS 12 to find synonyms of words to express yourself in a better manner. A built-in dictionary already exists in iPhones that can be accessed with the help of “Look Up” option. However, the thesaurus feature in iOS 12 is not enabled by default and is hidden under the settings.

If you want to enable thesaurus in iOS 12, follow the below given steps.

How To Enable Thesaurus In iOS 12?

  1. Open ‘Settings’ app and go to ‘General’ section.
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Dictionary’ option.
  3. Now click on American English – Oxford American’s Writer’s Thesaurus option to enable the thesaurus in iPhone.
  4. Once enabled, you will see a blue tick mark in front of the Thesaurus option. Now that you have enabled the thesaurus, it’s time to learn how to use this new iOS 12 feature.

How To Use The Thesaurus In iOS 12?

  • To begin using the thesaurus feature in iOS 12, head over to any app that allows you to write or edit text. For example, I am going to open the Notes app for the sake of demonstration.
  • Now select the word for which you want to the thesaurus and click on the ‘Look Up’ option.Thesaurus in iOs 12
  • You will see the results from the thesaurus in addition to the results from the other active dictionaries on your iOS device. Results from thesaurus are usually displayed at the top.

So far, the thesaurus in the iPhone is available only in the English language, but in the future, we can expect Apple to bring more languages support.

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