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Many of us probably think that what is the benefit of tracking a mail, so why should I care, right? Wrong! Everyone is stealing or trying to steal as much data as possible. Today, information is worth everything. Companies send you emails they’ve already got vetted. The one who do such activities can see when you open a mail, what you click after that and what is your location.

They track emails by adding small images or pixels that inform them about your data. These tracking tools work once you click the mail, so the only method to stop being tracked by anyone is not by opening that mail. The question here is how one can know if the mail is the safe one or the tracked one before opening it.

Today I came across a tool called “Ugly Email” which will do this job for you. Ugly email checks all your emails and exposes the ones being tracked. Each tracked mail is shown with an “evil eye” to easily recognize such emails.

Currently, this works by detecting pixels from Yesware, Streak, MailChimp, Mandrill, Bananatag and Postmark. They are actively working on adding more.

Here are the simple steps to make it work:

Step 1:

Open your Google Chrome browser on your PC.

Step 2:

Click this link to install Ugly Email to save yourself from tracked emails.

Step 3: 

Click “Add to Chrome” in the new tab and you are good to go.

Step 4:

The next time you receive an e-mail, a tiny eye symbol will be there. It is an indication if it is vetted by any tracking tool.



This tool only works with Gmail and is currently available as a Chrome extension. They are working to add Firefox support very soon.

Some of you might not see eye symbol on any of your e-mail, that’s because you got no vetted mails. Congrats ;)

Arpit Verma

Arpit Verma

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