Finally, A Relief To The Annoying “Continue Watching” Netflix Feature

Half-finished shows or movies will never haunt your continue watching list anymore.

Finally, A Relief To The Annoying Continue Watching Netflix Feature
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We’ve all been there; you finish a movie and close the player as the end credits start to roll. While movies typically shouldn’t be on your “continue watching” list on Netflix anymore, surprise, surprise, it’s there. And no matter how much you try to find a way, you can’t seem to remove it from the continue watching list; until now.

The newest feature to change Netflix’s continue watching list is active writing. The feature lets users manually delete any TV series or movie from their watch history. Those who watch a bit of a show or a movie to see if it’s suitable for their taste can go on watching, even without the dreadful thought of their continue watching list.

While Netflix is the first streaming service to provide the feature, we are eager for other streaming services to follow Netflix’s path and deliver what users have been demanding for so long now. While the change to Netflix’s continued watching is not a drastic moment for the platform, it has made things streamlined for users. In addition, the feature is already out on Netflix’s mobile app, web browser, and TV app.

How do i delete things from the continue watching list?

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Remove stuff from Netflix’s continue-watching list.

The process to delete from the continue watching list on Netflix is a no-brainer. As soon as you open Netflix on any platform, you’re greeted with “the list,” open the show from the list and then select “remove from continue watching” to free your Netflix account from clutter and unwatched and unwanted shows piling up on your watch list.

While some platforms do have the feature to remove stuff from the watch list, it’s about time other streaming platforms started adding the feature. On the flip side, Netflix’s user interface hasn’t changed much in years.

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