How To Play Netflix Games On Android And iOS?

Play games based on your favorite Netflix IP.

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With hopes of expanding its business into gaming, Netflix recently rolled out a collection of games for Android and iOS users. The new offering comes following noticeable hirings, acquisitions, and a trial run in select countries.

The games, some of which are based on the streaming company’s IPs, are bundled with its existing subscription service. You can easily access these games via the Netflix app on your smartphone or tablet.

Not only are these titles free for all Netflix users, but they also don’t have any in-game ads or in-app purchases. Plus, not all of them require an active internet connection to play.

As of now, the games available on the platform are Stranger Things 3: The Game, Stranger Things: 1984, Card Blast, Shooting Hoops, and Teeter Up. If you have an active Netflix subscription, you can try out the game right away. Here’s how to play Netflix games on your Android/iOS smartphone or tablet.

Steps To Play Netflix Games On Android And iOS

  1. Open Netflix and log in to your account.
  2. If you’re using a smartphone, navigate to the dedicated game row/tab in the Netflix app. If you’re using a tablet, you may also access the same from the Categories drop-down menu.
netflix games tab row

3. From the dedicated row/tab, select your preferred game and tap on “Get Game.”

netflix game teeter up

4. Allow Netflix to download the game from the Play Store/App Store.

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5. Once the game is installed, choose your Netflix profile (it must not be a kids profile) and enter your PIN (if it exists) when prompted.

netflix profiles

As you might have guessed, these games don’t exactly run inside the Netflix app and, instead, the latter acts as a gateway to these titles. Still, these games are exclusively available on Netflix after they are taken down from other platforms.

Also, the game will automatically use the default language selected on your account. When a particular language isn’t compatible, the games switch to English.

Going forward, the streaming giant plans to deliver a diverse array of games for every kind of gamer. In the words of Game Development VP Mike Verdu, Netflix wants to “design games for any level of play and every kind of player, whether you’re a beginner or a lifelong gamer.”

Priye Rai

Priye Rai

Priye is a tech writer at Fossbytes, who writes about gaming and anything remotely related to tech, including smartphones, apps, OTT, etc. He prefers to be called a "video game journalist" and grimaces when he doesn't get to be "Player 1." If you want to talk about games or send any feedback, drop him a mail at [email protected]

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