How To Play Counter Strike 1.6 On Your Web Browser?


No gamer can deny the fact that Counter-Strike is one of the best FPS games ever developed. That is why Counter-Strike: Global Offensive still dominates games like GTA 5 and PUBG on Steam.

However, for some reason, a lot of players still haven’t tried Counter-Strike FPS series. Well, no worries, because now you can experience the grandeur of Counter-Strike 1.6 on your web browser. 

As reported by Hyperbeast, the guys behind have made it possible for gamers to play Counter-Strike 1.6 on the web browser without any registration. What’s more, is that you play the game with random people for free.

If you hate playing with random folks, you can also rent a private server to play with your friends. However, you will have to pay to rent a private server.

Also, just so you know, CS-Online Club features servers in Russia, Canada, India, USA, Brasil, and Germany. Moreover, there are multiple game types for players to try out.

Steps To Play Counter-Strike 1.6 On Web Browser

  1. Visit on your web browser.
  2. Select all the servers locations on which you want to play Counter: Strike 1.6 and click on Save.
  3. Now, scroll down to see all the available servers.
  4. Click on the connect option to join any accessible server and get into the match.
    Note: It will take a few minutes to download the resources if you’re playing Counter-Strike 1.6 on your web browser for the first time.

After everything is done, you’ll be asked to choose between ‘Counter-Terrorist’ and ‘Terrorist.’ Just select a team and enjoy Counter-Strike 1.6 on your web browser.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

Shivam is a blogger who is always fascinated with technology and the amount of knowledge he can gather from the internet. He is trying to nerdify everyone around him with that same knowledge, through his writings. He enjoys gaming in particular, so he tries to keep track of what’s new in the gaming community and write about it. Visit his Gaming Channel IntroGamers on YouTube.
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