This Coder Shows How To Play The Classic Snake Game On Your LED Keyboard


Corsair_K70_RGB_Snake_GameShort Bytes: The Snake holds a very important place in the list of iconic games that challenged the gamers. This time, a coder has created a physical version of Snake using his Corsair K70 keyboard and the knowledge of C# .Net. Watch the video below and know how to create your own snake game.

The classic Snake game made its way into our pockets in 1997 when Nokia brought the game onto the phones. First launched on Nokia 6110, the game continued to gain a fixed spot in Nokia phones throughout the upcoming decade. The legacy of Nokia 6610 was carried forward by the Nokia 3310 that sold 126 million units.

Since its advent, this low cost and compactly-designed game has attracted developers to challenge themselves and make new versions. Here, I’m going to tell you about the latest evolution that allows you to play Snake on your keyboard, physically.

A coder, who goes by the name of MythicManiac on GitHub, has created a new project that allows a user with Corsair K70 keyboard to play Snake using the LED lights on the keyboard. The snake trail is in red colored buttons while the yellow colored buttons are the ones that you need to eat to become bigger (check out the vide0 at the end to see it yourself).

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This simple game is written in C# .Net with the help of Corsair’s CUE SDK’s. Here are the steps that you need to follow to play this game on your keyboard:

  1. Extract the zip in your PC
  2. Fire up your Corsair Utility Engine
  3. Select “Assign New Action” on the button that you’ll to use start game
  4. Choose “Shortcut”
  5. Choose “Run the following program”
  6. Go to the folder where you extracted the archive, and select the “SnakeGame” file

Well, it’s done. You can start the game by pressing the assigned key in step 3. You can exit the game by hitting esc button.


Go ahead and try it out. Here’s the GitHub link of Snake game.

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