6 Ways To Fix The “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED” Error In Chrome

Here are some things you can try.

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Internet disruptions are never pleasant. And, they get all the more annoying when the problem isn’t resolved quickly. In Google Chrome, a pesky connection error that can prevent you from going online is the one with the message “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED.”

While a range of factors could cause this error, you can fix most of them without great effort. Possible reasons for ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED include browser issues, network equipment faults, interference from security software, and the like.

In this article, we’ll take each possible cause and discuss the steps needed to fix them. Moreover, the fixes are sorted in the order of ease so that some basic fixes are dealt with before moving on to the advanced ones.

Here’s a screen capture of the error message in Google Chrome.

6 methods to fix the “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED” issue

1. Check the basics

First, it is important to ensure we strike off a few basic but common causes before we delve further into other solutions. Therefore, you must make sure to do the following one-by-one and check if your internet starts working again:

  • Turn off your router, wait for about half a minute, and then turn it on.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Turn off your router and computer, reconnect the network cables attached to them, and then turn them back on.

2. Clear browser cookies and cache

Sometimes, the piling up cookies and cache data in your browser can result in internet problems. So, to be safe, it is best to clear such browser data now and then. Here’s how to clear cookies and cache in Chrome:

  1. Click on the vertical ellipsis button near the top-right corner on the new tab page. Alternatively, you can simultaneously press the Control and H key on the new tab page and skip to Step 3.
chrome vertical ellipsis

2. Hover your cursor on “History,” then click on “History” in the new open menu.

history option in chrome

3. Click on “Clear browsing data.”

history section in chrome

4. Check “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files,” select a time range from the dropdown menu, and then finally click on “Clear data.”

clear cache and cookies in chrome

3. Troubleshoot internet issues

Windows offers a built-in program, known as a troubleshooter, to help you resolve internet issues conveniently. For running the network troubleshooter, follow the steps shown below.

  1. Click on the Start button and select Settings (gear icon).
settings icon

2. Select “Update & Security” from the Settings menu.

update and security in settings menu

3. Select the “Troubleshoot” option and click on “Additional troubleshooters.”

troubleshoot option in settings

4. Click “Internet Connections” and select “Run the troubleshooter.”

internet connections troubleshooter

5. A troubleshooter window will now open up. Follow the on-screen instructions per your case to complete the process and hopefully fix the internet issue.

4. Remove unnecessary WLAN profiles

Whenever we connect to a new WiFWiFitwork, it creates a WLAN profile on our PC. Sometimes, these profiles could interfere with how you connect to the internet. So, removing the WLAN profiles you no longer use is best by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Start and then select “Settings.”
  2. Select “Network & Internet” from the Settings window.

3. Click on “Wi-WiFind select “Manage known networks.”

wifi manage known networks

4. Select the networks you no longer need and click “Forget” to remove them.

forget wifi network

5. Set LAN Settings to ‘Auto’

Another factor that can end up giving you the ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED error is an undesired change in the LAN settings. The safest bet is to let the system detect LAN settings automatically to fix this. Here’s how you can make this change on Windows 10:

  1. Open Control Panel and select “Internet Options.” Or, you can press the Windows button and R key simultaneously, type in “inetcpl.cpl,” and hit Enter.
control panel internet options

2. Choose the “Connections” tab and click on “LAN Settings.”

internet properties connections

3. Check “Automatically detect settings” and ensure the Proxy server section is unchecked.

automatic lan settings

4. Click on “OK” and then on “Apply” to confirm changes.

6. Temporarily disable the Firewall

If none of those above fixes help you eliminate the “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED” issue, you may try temporarily disabling the built-in Firewall protection in Windows 10. However, turning this setting off can expose you to unwanted network threats; hence, you should only go ahead if you completely trust the website you are trying to connect to. Go through the steps given below to change your Firewall setting.

  1. Go to Start and click on “Settings,” aka the gear icon.
  2. Select “Update & Security” from the options.
  3. Click “Windows Security” and select “Firewall & network protection.”
windows security firewall option

4. Click on the type of network you are connected to right now (It will be marked as “active”).

private network in firewall settings

5. Click the toggle button under “Microsoft Defender Firewall” to disable the Firewall.
Note: Using the same steps above, you may toggle the Firewall back on later.

toggle button windows defender firewall

Finally, these fixes should be enough to tackle the infamous “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED” error in Chrome. In case it doesn’t work for you, or you have a different fix for it, make sure to tell us in the comments below.

Another common foe of internet connectivity is the “Can’t connect to this network” error; you can check out our suggested fixes.

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