How To Find Jizo Statues Faster In Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Get all Jizo statues to max out Akito's ethereal weave capacity.

How To Find Jizo Statues Faster In Ghostwire Tokyo
Screengrab: Ghostwire: Tokyo

To upgrade Akito’s ethereal weave ability, players need to find more Jizo statues in Ghostwire: Tokyo. While upgrading the ethereal weave ability is a piece of cake, finding the Jizo statues can be a bit of a daunting task. Meanwhile, players looking to quickly upgrade the ammo capacity of Akito’s ethereal weave ability can follow the article to find out where and how to find Jizo statues in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Furthermore, in Ghostwire: Tokyo, whenever players come across a Jizo statue in the Shibuya district, they can pray to the statue to permanently upgrade their ethereal weave ammo slot. As for the ethereal weave ability, players get three of them, represented by different colors – red, blue, and green. The red one is the fire element that deals the most damage in medium to long ranges; the fire element is great if you’re ambushed by a lot of enemies. The blue one is the water element that does moderate damage and is great in short-range; think of it like a shotgun. Lastly, the green one is the wind element that does the least damage of all but has a more extended range and is great for fighting off enemies while keeping your distance.

In addition, the wind element has a larger carrying capacity as opposed to the other two. Now that you know about the ethereal weave abilities; let’s get to the upgrade part via the Jizo statues scattered all over the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Finding Jizo statues

While the players can come across the Jizo statues in Ghostwire: Tokyo as they wander the spirit-filled streets of Shibuya, there are things players can do to make the process of finding the statues fast. Firstly, players will need to cleanse the shrines to know if a Jizo statue is nearby. Once they clean the shrine, the map will reveal the locations of any nearby Jizo statues.

However, players can also use the white offering box outside the shrines to look for a Jizo statue in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Keep in mind, that in order to use the white offering box, players will have to cleanse the shrine first. The box costs 500 Meika to reveal the location of a nearby Jizo statue. If players find it difficult to find the white offering box, they can use spectral vision to find the exact location of the offering box. Most importantly, in Ghostwire: Tokyo, the Jizo statues and the offering boxes are not located at every shrine.

jizo statue spectal vision
Screengrab: Ghostwire: Tokyo

Secondly, players can also use spectral vision to find the location of nearby Jizo statues. Moreover, to have a better chance of finding a Jizo statue with the help of spectral vision, make sure to upgrade the spectral vision to increase its radius. In addition, one other indication of being near a Jizo statue in Ghostwire: Tokyo is the presence of Visitors within a considerable radius of a location.

Wrapping up

Now that you know how to find the Jizo statues to get those handy upgrades to the ethereal weave abilities, it’s good to know how many Jizo statues are there in Ghostwire: Tokyo. The wind element has a total of 30 statues, 15 water element statues, and 7 fire element Jizo statues, all scattered over the Shibuya district, waiting to be found by Akito.

With this, we come to the end of the article; lastly, make sure to read our guide on how to find more Katashiro in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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