How To Enable Work Offline Mode In Firefox? How To Use A Website Without Internet?


Work Offline Mode In FirefoxShort Bytes: This article explains how to turn on Work Offline mode in Firefox. This enables Firefox to display saved website cache when the internet gets disconnected. You can enable this inbuilt option easily by visiting the settings option in your web browser.

When we visit a website on a web browser, a copy (cache) of the website gets stored on our machine. When we revisit the website our web browser checks for any changes in the new data and the saved cache on the computer, if it finds any changes then it replaces the saved cache with the new one.

Now, when we have no internet and we reload the page, the web browser checks for the new version of the website but it fails to get any data hence some error message gets displayed on the screen. We can still enable our web browser to display that saved cache on your computer. To do this there is an inbuilt function called Offline browsing.

In the past, we told you about enabling offline browsing for Google Chrome. Now, in this article we will tell about enabling Work Offline mode in Mozilla Firefox:


1. Open Firefox web browser.

2. Click File in the menu bar.

3. Click Work Offline.

Work offline firefox

Alternative Method To Turn On Work Offline Mode In Firefox:

1. Open Firefox web browser.

2. Click Settings (three horizontal lines) button in the top right corner.

3. Click Developer.

Work offline firefox developer


4. Click Work Offline.

work offline firefox developer 2


To turn off the Work Offline mode in Firefox, you need to follow the same process and the Work Offline button again.

How to use Offline Browsing in Firefox?

Suppose you have 10 tabs open in your Firefox. Once you notice that the internet is disconnected, you turn on the Work Offline mode in Firefox. This will help Firefox retain the currently saved website cache. You can reload the page as many times you want when the Work Offline mode is active.

Work Offline mode may not work for some websites if you close the web browser, open it again, and turn on the Work Offline mode. This happens because their saved cache gets deleted.

You will not able to access the website which you have not visited before turning on the work offline mode. You can try any name yourself. This reason is obvious, its website cache is not stored on your machine.

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