How To Delete Your WhatsApp Account Permanently?

Want to delete your WhatsApp account forever? Here's how to do it!

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Privacy is one of the growing concerns of the modern internet society. With internet giants like Facebook being accused of collecting user data which triggered the #deletefacebook movement, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is also being boycotted due to the recent privacy policy update.

If you’re concerned about your privacy, you might want to consider deleting your WhatsApp account. Hence, in this article, let’s look at how to delete your WhatsApp account on Android and iOS permanently.

Delete WhatsApp Account Permanently

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How To Delete WhatsApp Account On iOS?

Deleting a WhatsApp account on iOS is pretty easy. All you need to do is.

1. From the apps list, open WhatsApp

2. In the bottom-right corner of the bottom bar, find and tap on settings

3. Now, tap on the Account option and tap on the last option, which reads “Delete My Account

whatsapp account settings

4. All you need to do is enter the phone number associated with the account, and finally, tap on the “Delete My Account” button

delete my whatsapp account'

How To Delete WhatsApp Account On Android?

To delete your WhatsApp account on Android, all you need to do is.

1. Open WhatsApp from the app menu

2. On the top-right corner, tap on the three-dot icon and tap on Settings

3. Now, tap on Account and finally, tap on Delete my account

Whatsapp settings

4. Enter the phone number associated with your account and tap on the red “DELETE MY ACCOUNT” button

Delete whatsapp account settings

What Gets Deleted?

Here’s what gets deleted when you delete a WhatsApp account.

1. Your message history will be deleted. This means that you wouldn’t be able to access the messages that you sent.

2. Your WhatsApp backups in Google Drive will be deleted. For starters, WhatsApp allows you to backup messages to your Google Drive; By deleting your account, all your previous backups will be deleted.

3. Deleting your account will also delete you from all of your WhatsApp groups.

4. Deleting your WhatsApp account will also delete your payments history and cancel any pending payments.

So, that’s how you can delete your WhatsApp account permanently on both Android and iOS. It is worth noting that your account wouldn’t get deleted instantly. It will take at least 90 days before everything’s deleted from the servers.

Ever wondered what happens if you don’t accept WhatsApp’s new privacy policy? To know more, check the article out.

If you have any questions, make sure to search for them in the WhatsApp FAQs section.

If you have any feedback to share, do share it in the comments section below.


  1. If I delete my WhatsApp account, can my friends see my number in their chat history?

    No. Once you delete your account, you won’t be visible to them in their contacts list, but they can see the previous conversations.

  2. Can I reactivate my WhatsApp account after deleting it?

    No. Deleting an account also deletes the backups. Once you delete your account, you’ll need to start fresh again.

  3. Can I temporarily deactivate WhatsApp?

    As of now, there’s no way of temporarily disabling WhatsApp. However, you can go to your Phone’s settings -> Apps -> WhatsApp -> Force Stop WhatsApp. This will stop the app until you open it again.

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