How To Clear Cache On Edge To Improve System Performance?

Getting rid of the cache can give your system a boost.


Cached data is a necessary evil. While it allows loading up your favorite websites faster, it can slow down your browsing experience as it piles up over time. Consequently, it becomes important to keep the browser cache in check from time to time. In this article, we show you how to clear cache in Edge and possibly get an improved system performance.

Getting rid of cache data has some reasonable benefits. For starters, you can save storage space by deleting old cache files. This also helps de-clutter your system, resulting in an overall smoother user experience.

Fortunately, deleting the cache is one of the easiest things on Edge. Below, we will guide you through the process on both PC and mobile.

Clear cache in Edge browser

Clearing cache on Edge on PC

  1. Open your browser and click on the ellipsis icon in the top-right corner.
ellipsis button in edge

2. From the menu, select the Settings option.

settings option in menu edge

3. In the left panel, select “Privacy, search, and services.”

privacy search and services edge settings

4. Under the “Clear browsing data” section, click on the “Choose what to clear” button.

5. Select the time range for which you want to delete the data, select “Cached images and files,” and click on “Clear now.”

clear now button edge

Clearing cache in Edge on mobile

  1. In Edge, tap on the ellipsis icon at the bottom.
ellipsis button in edge mobile

2. From the given options, choose “Settings.”

settings in ellipsis menu edge mobile

3. In the Settings menu, tap “Privacy and security.”

privacy and security in edge mobile

4. Tap on “Clear browsing data.”

clear browsing data button edge mobile

5. Select the time range of the data you want to clear, click on “Cached images and files” to select it, then finally tap on “Clear data.”

clear data button edge mobile

This wraps up our guide on how to clear the cache on Edge. For similar Edge-related topics, such as how to reset browser settings, check out our dedicated guide.

Priye Rai

Priye Rai

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