How To Properly Clean Gadgets Without Messing Them Up?

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Gadgets tend to get dirty when you use them for prolonged periods. The “How soon will a gadget get dirty” depends on the design of the same. For example, if you use a glass back or ceramic phone without a case, the fingerprints and smudges will accommodate over a short time, and you’re not far off from getting a looks of disgust from the people around you.

Not to mention, you need to regularly clean your phone case too, if you use one, to avoid the dust and grime building up inside it, which could potentially harm the body of the phone. In this article, let’s take a look at how to properly clean your gadgets without messing them up or breaking the bank; Appl… cough cough(IYKYK)

Cleaning your Gadgets

isopropyl alcohol
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One of the best ways to clean your gadgets is by using 50-70% Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) with a lint-free cloth, Q tips, and a toothpick to reach the difficult-to-clean areas. Now, a 500 ml bottle will set you at around five bucks, and a pack of lint-free clothes will cost you around eight bucks. Water will also do if you don’t have access to Isopropyl Alcohol, but lint-free cloth is a must.

How to clean a Smartphone screen and case

1. Blow on the screen with a good amount of force to ensure that the dust particles are removed.

2. Take a lint-free cloth and spray a healthy dose of alcohol or water on it.

DO NOT spray alcohol directly on the screen. Doing so will damage the oleophobic coating of your display, make your screen less resistant to fingerprint marks, and make it hard for you to clean the display next time.

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3. Place the cloth on your phone’s display, put slight pressure, and gently move the cloth in a circular motion to clean the display.

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4. Repeat the same process at the back and around the device’s frame, and use Q tips and toothpicks to clean the speaker grilles and the receiver. Make sure you don’t exert too much force when cleaning using a toothpick.

If you don’t have a lint-free cloth, you can use tissue paper, but good luck cleaning the remains of the paper, the white lint, once you’re done cleaning.

How to clean wireless earphones

Gross earphones
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Wireless earphones come in different shapes and sizes, but the TWS (Truly-wireless) design is the most popular. Now, earphones are the grossest pieces of technology you’ll find on the planet because some go into your ears and attract ear wax. Hence, cleaning your earphones at least twice a month is recommended.

1. Remove the ear tips from the earphones.

2. Take a Q tip, spray some alcohol on it, and thoroughly clean them from the inside and the perimeters.

3. Take the other end of the Q tip, spray some alcohol on it, and clean the vent of the earphone where the sound comes from.

4. We recommend not exerting too much pressure on the vents while cleaning them as that could lead to the dust getting stuck inside the metal grills of the vent—complicating things further.

5. As for the headphone’s body, clean them with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth.

Cleaning TWS earphone cases, like the Apple Airpods Pro case, could be challenging since they have grooves that are hard to reach. And that’s where Q tips come to the rescue. As for the body, clean it with alcohol and cloth.

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And that’s how to clean your gadgets when they get dirty. That said, consider this as servicing your vehicle. You should only do it a couple of times a month and not daily. If your phone is not very dirty, wipe it down with a plain cloth.

Speaking of dirty and used devices, here are some tips you should know when buying a used Android phone or Windows or Mac device.

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