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Short Bytes: Every popular online service exposes a status page to show the status of various service they offer to end user or customer. Status pages are primarily used for reporting active incidents on their system.

Ever wondered why your Facebook page is not loading or you can’t follow someone on twitter? Primarily because some of these services are either down due to heavy load in the systems, or because of some kind of cyber attack. But how do we know about it? My music is not streaming on SoundCloud and I am frustrated that their service is useless. Well, If it happens with you next time, you should first go and check their service status page.

Every popular website or online service has a hosted page either on their own servers or third-party hosted page to show the status of various services they offer.

Here, I’m giving you a list of some of those status pages which you can bookmark and check when you face any problem with that particular online service.

  1. Google Apps Status Page –
  2. Facebook Status Page –
  3. SoundCloud Status Page –
  4. Shopify Status Page –
  5. Twitter Status Page –
  6. GitHub Status Page –
  7. Digital Ocean Status Page –
  8. Stack Overflow status Page –
  9. New Relic Status Page –
  10. Vimeo Status Page –
  11. KickStarter Status Page –
  12. Citrix Status Page –
  13. Disqus Status Page –
  14. Heroku Status Page –
  15. Apple Services Status Page –
  16. Adobe Status Page –
  17. Bit Bucket Status Page –
  18. Rackspace App Status Page –
  19. Rackspace Cloud Status Page –
  20. Slack Status Page –
  21. CloudFlare Status Page –
  22. MaxCDN Status Page  –
  23. Evernote Status Page –
  24. Amazon AWS Status Page –
  25. SendGrid Status Page –
  26. Docker Status Page –
  27. MongoDB Labs Status Page –
  28. Mandrill App Status Page –
  29. Box Status Page –

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