Here’s How To Buy An iPhone 13 For INR 50K In India

You're in for a treat if you sell your iPhone X.

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The iPhone 13 launched in September last year and is destined to represent the iPhone lineup for 2022. Now, you can buy the iPhone 13 for INR 50,900 in India using this lucrative offer on India iStore.

Now, the catch here is that you can get the iPhone for as low as INR 50,900 but that’s not a fixed price. This iPhone offer price is applicable only if you have an old phone to exchange for a new iPhone 13. If you do, you can sell it from iStore and get a huge discount on the iPhone 13.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can buy an iPhone 13 at INR 50,000 from iStore. You can check out the deal here.

iPhone 13 MRPINR 79,990
India iStore Instant Store DiscountINR 5,000
Bank Cashback on ICICI, Kotak Bank, and SBI debit/credit cardsINR 6,000
Effective Price Without ExchangeINR 68,990
Exchange Value (Calculated on a 64GB iPhone XR)INR 18,090
Effective Price with ExchangeINR 50,900

You can get also get similar exchange deals from other sellers like Amazon, and Flipkart, but the rates might vary, and they’re not offering the additional INR 5,000 discount which is available at iStore.

The iPhone 13 is a sweet deal at this price. Especially because it has all the incremental updates that the 12 missed out on. While the wait time slowed down sales during holidays, it still remains a solid option.

How To Buy iPhone 13 For INR 50,000 From India iStore

1. Go to India iStore using this link.

1. iPhone 13 for 50k

2. Scroll down to Available offers.

2. iPhone 13 for 50k

3. If you don’t want to sell an older device, select the available bank offers and you’ll get an INR 5,000 discount on iPhone 13 + INR 6,000 cashback.

3. iPhone 13 for 50k

4. If you want to sell an older device, scroll down to Trade-in Offers and select Cashify or Servify.

4. iPhone 13 for 50k

5. Complete the sale on Cashify/Servify portal and you’ll get the exchange value reduced from the price of the iPhone 13.

5. iPhone 13 for 50k

And that’s how you can get an iPhone 13 for an effective price of INR 50,000. However, the real price may vary depending on which phone you have for exchange.

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