“How To Become A Successful Person Like Bill Gates” — According To Bill Gates


Bill-gates-success-quotesShort Bytes: What qualities helped Bill Gates become a success story that changed the whole computing industry? What inspired him to work with diligence and make this world a better place? Bill Gates’ journey and his wise words are a great source of learning for everybody. So, we are sharing some of the most relevant attitudes that Bill Gates considers important for becoming successful. These qualities include optimism, learning from criticism, constant will to learn, and more.

If you want to achieve greatness and become a lifelong success story, you can easily look up to people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Bill Gates, after founding one of the world’s most powerful companies and changing the way we interact with computers, dedicated his life to charitable causes.

Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, has achieved his dream of putting a personal computer on every desk. But, what helped Bill Gates achieve this greatness? What made him a source of continuous inspiration for the past four decades?

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Gates got a very useful advice from his friend Warren Buffett that taught him how to say no. If you know what is truly important, you can ignore the unnecessary activities and focus your attention at the right places. So, it’s important know your priorities and learn how to say no to people.

When you are going through hard times, this world could become a place where optimism is rare. However, keeping in mind the extremely sever problems this world is going through, Gates appreciates value of optimism.

Bill Gates once said — “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. We even have poster of this quote in our office. Bill Gates follows his advice in real life and knows how to embrace criticism to know the areas of improvement. So, it’s important to listen to the people and learn from them.

Another important aspect that one needs to remember after achieving success is the expectation of failure. After reaching the pinnacle of success, people often think that they can’t lose. But, wise people know that failures are just another lesson that’ll make them stronger.

One of the most important traits that one needs to develop is the will to learn. Bill Gates says that he loves his job because it’s full of challenges and involves constant learning.

“I like being around smart people who are trying to figure out new things. I like the fact that if people really try they can figure out how to invent things that actually have an impact. I don’t like to waste time where I’m not hearing new things or being creative,” Gates told Playboy long back in 1994.

Remember that developing these qualities and practicing them is not easy. But, if one needs to innovate and utilise the opportunities in the best way possible, these points could act as a great guide.

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