How To Add And Manage Discord Roles? — 2021 Updated Guide

how to add discord roles

Discord is home to some of the biggest online gaming communities. These communities can’t possibly be moderated properly without the help of proper roles. Speaking of roles, there are several of them ranging from @admin, @moderator, and @everyone. You can set up the Discord role name and permissions according to your own preferences.

The best thing about Discord is the level of customization available, with over 30 different permissions to choose from. These permissions are divided into five categories: General Server Permissions, Membership Permissions, Text Channel Permissions, Voice Channel Permissions, and Advanced Permissions. Admins can choose which permissions to enable for each role and assign them to members of the server.

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How to Create a role in Discord?

You can make several roles in discord, each with its own powers and responsibilities.

1. Open Discord and select your server.

personal server setting

2. From the drop-down menu, go to Server Settings>Roles.

changing personal server permission settings

3. Click on Create Role.

discord permissions settings

4. Type in the Role Name and assign it a color.

creating a new role in discord

5. Choose what level of permissions to give to this role. You can choose from Cosmetic, Member, Moderator, and Manager. Each role has more authority and control over the previous ones. You can also edit these permissions later.

how to set up permissions in discord

6. Choose members to assign this role. If you have bots that need specific permissions, you can assign this to them too.

discord members list

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How to assign Discord roles/permissions?

You can easily select which members to give each role to through the member list. If you are the creator of the server, you don’t need to assign any roles to yourself.

1. Open Discord and select your server.

discord server roles

2. From the drop-down menu, go to Server Settings>Members.

member settings on discord

3. From this Member List, you can assign existing roles by pressing the + icon.

discord member list

4. For Discord Mobile, go to Server Settings>Members.

discord mobile server settings

5. From this Member List, you can assign existing roles by clicking on their profile.

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How to edit roles?

You can change the permissions for each role by simply accessing the Roles menu.

1. Go to Server Settings>Roles.

discord permission settings

2. Select the role you want to edit.

how to make roles in discord

3. You have over 30 permissions to choose from this menu to customize for your needs.

how to customize discord permissions

Frequently asked questions

How to Delete Roles in Discord?

Go to Server Settings>Roles and select the role you want to delete. Once in the Role Settings menu, go to the 3-dot icon in the top right and select Delete Role.

What is the highest role in Discord?

An administrator has the highest role in Discord which gives them complete access to everything. You can also set up a role hierarchy. Go to server Settings>Roles and drag and drop the existing roles in the hierarchal order you want.

How do I automatically give roles in Discord?

You can use bots like MEE6, Dyno, Carl, etc., to assign roles to newcomers by reacting to the server welcome chat’s Role (tick) button.

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