How To Access Your Chrome Passwords Remotely From Any Browser?

google passwords chrome
google passwords chrome

google passwords chromeShort Bytes: Google has introduced a new online feature where a user can sync its passwords to Google and access Chrome passwords from any browser. But to access this feature, you will need to sync your Chrome password first.

Most of the times, even if we have many browsers installed on our PC, we still use only one of them. Since it’s launch, Google Chrome has become one of the favorite browsers of the internet users. Using only one browser, most of the times, make us also store our passwords at the same place.

However, in certain situations, if you still want to use the Google Chrome passwords from any browser, here are the steps on-

How to access Chrome Passwords from any browser:

You need to use Google Passwords through which Google will keep all your Chrome passwords with it on a specific URL and you can access Chrome passwords from there. So, follow the following steps to activate Google Chrome password service:

  • Go to Chrome ‘Settings
  • Sign into Chrome
  • Click ‘Advanced Sync Settings
  • Select ‘Encrypt synced passwords with your Google credentials

Access Google Chrome passwords

And now, wait for a few minutes for the data and password to get synced online.

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Access Chrome Passwords from any browser Now:

Access Google Chrome password from any browser

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