How This Person Bought “” from Google For One Minute


google-domain-buyShort Bytes: This article is about an ex-Googler who owned domain for a minute. Read his amazing story and share it

Sanmay Ved, an ex-Googler having a great corporate experience, was lucky enough to buy, but just for a minute. Yesterday, he shared this amazing story on LinkedIn Pulse and I wished to share it with our fossBytes readers.

This incident happened at 1:20 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 29. Sanmay was on the Google Domains interface and he searched, just like that. Surprisingly, was available for buying.

Take a look at the screenshot below:


Out of the curiosity, he added the domain to the cart and proceeded ahead to complete the transaction. He successfully completed the transaction and he bought the most-trafficked domain in the world only for $12.


He writes that as he completed the purchase, he received two emails from Google. The purchased domain also appeared in his Google Domains order history. Moreover, his Google Webmaster Tools was automatically updated with webmaster details of Thus, the ownership of was transferred to him.


After this, he started getting notifications related to domain in his inbox. He also got some internal emails that he reported to Google’s security team.

However, after a minute, his order was canceled and he got another email. “So for one minute I had access,” Ved said. “At least I can now say I’m the man who owned for a minute.”


After cancelation, his order history page was updated with a new message that said someone else registered the domain before the order was completed. He searched again for and it showed unavailable, of course.


Ved doesn’t know how this happened and why he was able to buy for a minute. A Google spokesperson said they are looking into the matter, but they aren’t currently noticing anything unusual.

He writes: “I have reported the incident to Google Security. Google has reverted back, and has acknowledged the incident.”

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Adarsh Verma

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