Raspberry Pi DIY: How to Preserve and Sync Data in a Mason Jar Using Pi



Enough about storing your data on world’s smallest 128GB memory card or some other invention poised to be the next HDD-killer. Today, I’m going to tell you how an innovative DIYer preserved his files safely in his own food store, just like you store your vegetables and fruits.

DIYer Matt Reed used few household items and built a Raspberry Pi based BitTorrent Sync Client. He used a Mason Jar as an enclosing body and preserved his family memories using this device. This homemade device keeps files in sync between all your devices.

He tells that he had a lifelong fascination with Mason Jars because they have a unique nostalgic feeling attached to them. He made this device to sync data from his MacBook and phone, and his wife’s MacBook and phone. So, he created a Mason Jar that preserved his cherished family memories i.e. a Raspberry Preserve.

To make this BitTorrent Sync powered running inside a Mason Jar, first step is to create a base, attach hardware and LEDs. Find the detailed information about this in the link given at the end of the article.

How to install software to sync data in Mason Jar using Raspberry Pi?

Talking about the setup, all you need to do is connect the Raspberry Pi powered to the network and then SSH into it and install BitTorrent Sync and Node.js.

You’ll have to add the latest BitTorrent Sync repo manually, install it and then configure it using the built-in GUI. Apart from all this work, you’ll also need to install the latest Node.js to make the BitTorrent Sync Node packages to run (apply for a BitTorrent Sync API Key for this).

After doing all hardware and the software setup, you are good to go and test the device.



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Know more about this Raspberry Pi DIY from Matt Reed here. Here’s the GitHub link.

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