Here’s How Much Netflix Ad-Supported Plan Will Cost You: Will You Miss Content?

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It isn’t a good year for Netflix. From show cancellations to a massive drop in paying subscriber count, the streaming company is suffering. Introducing an ad-supported plan will alleviate that suffering to some extent, or so the company believes.

Regardless, an ad-supported plan is a reality now, and you will have to watch ads if you want cheaper Netflix access. Bloomberg reports that the plans will cost between $7-$9 for ad-supported plans. It is good for some markets while we believe that it will slightly vary in different regions. The normal, no ads plans will continue to cost $15.49 monthly.

Netflix’s ad-supported plan is here to stay

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No-ads are the primary reason why Netflix became a global hit, and other streaming services followed. But that seems to be hurting the future growth model, which is why Netflix has to resort to an ad-supported plan this year.

Believe it or not, it is a huge change to the working model of a streaming service. Microsoft has partnered with Netflix to handle the complete ad working and implementation. Netflix is planning to introduce ads cautiously and doesn’t want to scare off its users with heavy and repetitive advertising.

For starters, Netflix aims not to introduce ads into the kids’ programs and its exclusive movies. Moreover, it plans to add only four minutes of ad time per hour, so the viewer’s experience isn’t ruined. A more detailed clarification is due from Netflix, and when the ad-supported plan rolls out, we will surely have more information regarding the ad integration.

Bloomberg published that the ad-supported plan may be launched in the last three months of 2022. Moreover, it will launch in selective regions (six) and then slowly expand to all the remaining regions. One thing to note is that Netflix has not clarified about exclusive content coming to the ad-supported plans as it launched for premium subscribers. It is a possibility that shouldn’t be ignored, considering Netflix is aiming to shoot up its profits.

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