How Many Times Has Your Data Been Exposed to Hackers? Take The Quiz And Know

hackers quiz
hackers quiz

hackers-quizShort Bytes: The New York Times has come up with a quiz that will tell you if your personal information has been compromised during the recent cyber attacks and leaks of major companies.

Hack has become the new ‘viral’ today. Google is filled from news reports to ‘How To’ hacks. Every month there are revelations about companies being hacked, or the government snooping around millions of its citizens- the list is endless. When the Government itself is not safe from the hackers, how can you possibly think to be! In fact, you could be under attack anytime.

New York Times has created a quiz that will tell you how much of your personal information is already out there. The quiz involves some of the major security breaches that have happened in past two years and if you contacted, or used the services of any of these companies.

The quiz will tell you how many times your personal information like address, social security number, email, password,  your financial history and even your fingerprints have been compromised.

The New York Times gave  the reasons for your information leak and even the guidelines for you to do next if you were the unlucky one.

Even in a utopian online world, 100 percent safety is not guaranteed. But do not worry. With some awareness and security measures, you can at least try to keep yourself safe in future. Use password managers or two-factor authentication. Monitor your bank accounts and report in case of suspicious money transfers. Don’t reveal your personal information on social media.

Take the quiz here and tell your experiences.

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