This Is How China Treats Internet Addicts

china-web-junkiesUsing the internet, playing games online, coding for hours, social networking: everything is good to some extent. There are lots of studies showing that internet addicts become rude, arrogant and sometimes they start ignoring their own parents.

Excessive use of internet has been termed as problematic in many parts of the world, but China has called it a clinical disorder. Recently I came across one Op-Doc video that shows the life of internet addicted Chinese teenagers who are spending their lives in rehabilitation centers.

Here is the short video of China’s internet addicts’ treatment:

The Internet Addiction Treatment Center of Beijing came into the existence in 2004 and has inspired hundreds of such centers in China and South Korea.

The teenagers are taken forcefully to these centers by their parents for a treatment that lasts 3 to 4 months.  I watched this video and found it disturbing. These teenagers have to undergo strict military training. It is claimed that these rehabilitation centers have 70% success rates.

Source: The New York Times

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5 thoughts on “This Is How China Treats Internet Addicts”

  1. This guys take everything to extreme…of course centers for this "addict gamers" would be created sooner or later. In china and japan there are people dying by spending to much time on the pc playing mmo and other games…but it would not phase me if some of them were there just because the parents didn't want to lose time with their kids.

  2. First of all aren't they one of the biggest video gamer designers? I am thinking…second if that's all those kids do wrong come to the USA our kids r bad as hell lot…come get this going in the USA

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