How BIG is Google, Really?


HOW-BIG-IS-GOOGLEShort Bytes: Google is synonymous with the Internet today, and the word in itself has become a verb. So what made Google popular and the brand that it is now? How Big is Google? Read the article to know more.

Just after a few years of being a mere startup in 1997, Google literally burst onto the scene. This might be a little exaggeration, but as of today, with Google’s all-inclusive projects (Google Car, Project Loon and Project Soli to name some few, not to forget Google X research facility and its numerous investments in different companies), Google has itself become ‘the scene’.

Now we know Google was an amazing product by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and today it is one of the biggest brands on earth, but we wonder how big is Google? After several failed business deals, Google created quite an empire in Silicon Valley. Let’s see how Big it is.

As of now Google is not just a search engine but is working on a range of projects as I mentioned a few of those above. Google has over years build or annexed technologies (companies) to become Alphabet

Here are a few notable technologies under Google that strive to make the world a simpler place:

1. Android

After acquiring Android in 2005 for $50 million, the software can be seen everywhere. It was with the Android, that the world saw a major boom in the smartphone business, especially for producer countries like China. Thanks to its open source nature, over 80% phones in the world run on Android.

2.  YouTube

Google is the biggest search engine today, followed by YouTube. YouTube as a search engine is bigger than Bing, Yahoo and Ask combined. YouTube became Google’s subsidiary in 2006.

You would be surprised to know that for one month only, there are 4 billion hours of videos watched worldwide. Do simple maths and it leads to 450,000 years of eye slamming video session.

3. Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is the leader in robotic technology bringing revolutionary improvements in the machines. Its acquisition cost by Google is still unknown.

Google’s humanoid robot Atlas is its champion bot and the company now has now one of the most advanced and sophisticated robot technology in the world.

4. Deep Mind

Deep Mind was Google’s first AI company acquisition in January 2014. Deep Mind is a ground-breaking technology on machine learning that uses system neuroscience to build powerful general-purpose learning algorithms.

Deep Mind intends to bring critical thinking into the machines and refining Google’s image search is one of its many prospects.

5. Quantum Computers

After Google teamed up with NASA to share the world’s first commercial quantum computer made by Canada’s D-Wave, the company announced in 2014 that it will be making its own now.

Quantum computers are the key to some of the unanswered and complex problems and later on in devising real unhackable computers. Read What exactly is Quantum Computing to know more about this subject.

6. Google X

Now, if all the above facts didn’t blow your mind, then this definitely would. The world came to know about Google’s secret search facility Google X after its series of special project revelations like Google Car, Project Loon and Project Glass. Overseen by Sergey Brin and scientist Astro Teller, Google X aims to bring science fiction to reality.

Google’s semi-secret research lab holds the key to futuristic technologies and directs several robotic and AI companies under it for the purpose.

These are some of the top projects and business deals that make Google what it is today- Silicon Valley giant.

We might have missed a few (apologies). If you have something to add to this article, tell us in comments below.

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