How Big Is Apple? From Birth Of Apple To Its Golden Age

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apple-evolutionShort Bytes: Apple has seen a roller-coaster ride since its inception including the revival of its golden age. Who was the main person behind Apple and how Steve Jobs’ business idea made Apple one of the greatest companies in the world? Know about it in full details.

In this article, we are going to cover how Apple started and how big is Apple today.

Odd birth of Apple:

Apple did not start at an ordinary timeline of the US history. Beginning of this great company was contemporary to many events in the USA like Boeing 747 making its maiden flight, NASA Launched Apollo 9 and Apollo 10, Ongoing Vietnam war, the hippie movement, cold war, A war against discrimination, counterculture movement and space race.

This was the year when Steve Jobs met Steve Wozniak. None of them had any idea that they were soon going to change the history. Thus, Apple was born at the right time and right moment when the winds of change began flowing in the United states. A young revolution had taken place in the mainstream of America.

1974: Launch of Altair 8800 DIY

Steve Wozniak, a computer lover to the core of his heart was always keen on solving the computer problem. He always wondered about solving those problems and coming up with his own solutions. 1974 saw the launch of Altair 8800 DIY. The launch of Altair 8800 was catching up the kids like a viral fever. So much that computer classes in the US began to see just the discussions over what cool stuff they did with Altair 8800 DIY.

Homebrew club:

At the same time, Intel and Motorola had begun to launch their CPUs publicly in the market. At the same time in parallel, a computer club influenced by counterculture movement was born in San Francisco named 'Homebrew club' where Wozniak would bring in those publicly available CPUs. Wozniak was trying to setup his computer and events of setting up the computers was marked by some extraordinary events which surprised people of the club and forced them to stand around and take a look at the what Wozniak was actually doing with his computers. Sometimes, people would often ask their doubts to him.

Steve Jobs, the Marketeer:

Steve Jobs noticed those extraordinary events happening in the club. He approached Wozniak and asked him to work together and sell those things to common people.

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April 1976: Apple One

In April 1976, A group of friends started working in a garage which would see the first Apple product called 'Apple One'. it did not include any keyboard or monitor. This group sold fifty Apple units for the first time, which was a clear proof that ordinary people outside the club actually did want to own a PC. However, the problem was in assembling a PC which would demand too many chips at that time and thus making a PC too expensive for the common people.

First Innovation at Apple:

So, Steve Wozniak saw this problem as an opportunity. He thought if TV had a memory and at the same time, a CPU also had a memory, why not to sandwich them make something new out of their own. Logical arrangements of chips one after another finally gave birth to the first computer by Apple which also had a screen. However, there were many limitations on this computer. But looking at that era, that was the perfect solution for people imagination. They could draw some lines and generate color-coded patterns over the monitor or just play a game on the computer.

Further improvisation by Steve Jobs:

Steve jobs knew the limitations of the users and he further improvised the computer so that a user feels easier to use it. Within two years, from 1974 to 1976, out of the box, the world sees a PC by Apple.

1978: West Coast computer fair

Steve jobs was successful in getting the funding and in 1978, at West Coast Computer Fair, Apple was able to steel the show. After that, Apple was literally kissing the sky and making progress exponentially. Apple was worth a million dollar when Steve Jobs was 23, more than ten million dollar when he was 24 and more than 100 million dollars when he was 25.

80s: The war of PCs

Looking at the success of PCs made by Apple, many bigger companies realized that PC could really be useful extending knowledge to normal people. And there was a war between companies selling PCs. Apple began losing market share in 80s. Throughout 80s, Apple saw the roller coaster ride of lost and profit and finally bankruptcy.

Second Golden age of Apple: How big is Apple?

Apple first quarter revenue just from the iPhone in 2015 was, 51.2 million dollars greater than Yahoo's entire market cap and twice as much as Microsoft's quarter's revenue. The cash reserve of Apple is sufficient to buy Ford and Tesla with still some money left behind. Apple has the record of making largest quarterly earning ever made by a company.

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Samsung vs Apple:

Many people always ask about the war between Samsung and Apple. Well, Samsung's net revenue is much more than Apple but Samsung also has employees twice as much of Apple. On the other hand, operating income of Apple is much more than the Net income of Samsung.

The main reason behind this is niche marketing by Apple where it sticks only to a few products and fulfills its consumers need. Before we wrap up, we would like to bring in some facts about Apple.

Some other facts related to Apple:

  • Steve jobs also served as a mentor to Google founders.
  • According to Wozniak, Steve jobs never wrote a single line of code
  • Steve jobs was very careful about product designing so he dedicated an entire team on boxing and unboxing a product.
  • The iPhone project was so secretive that neither the hardware guys knew about the software side and vice versa until Steve jobs revealed the product on the launch of Apple.

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So, what do you think what makes Apple such a unique company?

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