How Does AI Perform Crypto-Analytics?


The concept of digital assets and transactions is ten years old; still, people worldwide are not sure about its possibilities. Some find it highly optimistic, whereas some are pretty apprehensive about the consequences.

Among all these digital aids, asset managements, blockchain transactions, and several digital cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence has also brought itself into the game of cryptocurrencies by introducing AI coins initially. Today it has also stepped into Crypto-Analytics.

How does AI function in the niche?

AI today helps in HFT (High-Frequency Trading ), which uses powerful computers to perform huge transactions within a limited time. Consequently, human involvement will also decrease with the enhancement of software’s analytical ability.

According to trading habits, customizing software is expected to be the most significant change in different transactions with AI trading tools. 

Blockchain transactions and AI will also work on dependency factors, wherein the former will authorize the storage and sharing avenues, whereas the latter will record unique insights to generate value.

How does a Virtual Broker help in Crypto-Analytics?

On June 1, 2021, Digital asset technology company Net Savings Link (NSAV), Inc, launched its revolutionary crypto-trading platform VirtuaBroker-  an AI-based platform for trading, portfolio management, price search function, and much more. Customers can access the details of the platform at the official website of virtuabroker

Viruabroker functions on the principle of high-performance computing that allows real-time transactions among the ecosystem with efficiency and high speed. The search algorithm also enables real-time searches and analysis of the best purchase price among all the connected exchanges.

This AI platform allows users to optimize their trades. Its security policy is its pillar and is based on a five-tiered security stack, including Fraud Protection, Privacy Protection, Encryption and Network Defenses, VirtuaBroker Security ID, and Security Alerts.

The platform can nearly support all crypto-based exchanges. As Tesla and Mastercard also joined the crypto revolution, the NSAV expects a major step in fulfilling companies vision of being a leader in the cryptocurrency market.

How does AI predict the price?

Recently, Digimax, a company incorporating artificial intelligence in crypto-tech, announced the launch of, a website aimed at embedding AI for high investment returns and improved results.

Investors face low risk and stress using software’s AI-based prediction that takes very little time. It gives the advantage of volatility while investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The paid software comes in multiple versions, wherein the standard version helps in predictions and exchanges related to Bitcoin and Etherum.

The advanced version features a trading tool, technical indicators, threshold alerts, and much more. In addition to that, It will also host an exclusive investor group led by DigiMax Hedge Fund cryptocurrency analysts.

Well, for this software, you need to pay an amount of $29.99 with an option to upgrade to the advanced version worth $99.99 per month. For a limited time, both versions are available on an annual basis with four free months in the first year.

Watch this platform overview video to learn more about the solution.

Is Crypto-Analytics reliable?

To date, the market cap of cryptocurrencies in US$1,746,285,217,570. Analytics help observe volatility, which helps in revenue generation through investments. Further, Artificial intelligence is definitely providing solutions for this. 

Fortunately, crypto values are independent of the factors like cash flow and asset availability. Sentimental analysis plays a crucial role here. You might have heard of instincts, which generally happens when like-minded people work together and hope for the same. 

Technology helps the analysis of News headlines, Reddit posts, tweets, and crypto prices. AI bots and algorithms detect sentiments that help in such cases and promote trading, ensuring no threat. And evidently, that is why technology was made for humanity- smooth functioning.

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