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House Of The Dragon
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Currently, House Of The Dragon is speeding toward a civil war that will split the realm in half. The two sides of the shattered House Targaryen that are at odds over the Iron Throne are typically known as the Greens and the Blacks, according to George R. R. Martin’s Fire and Blood. This may be confusing for those who haven’t read the source material. Who are the Greens and the Blacks, and which side has the upper hand?

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King Viserys named Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen as the heir to the Iron Throne. Although a woman had never held the position of power before, the King had few options because she was the only living child and had an unstable and unpopular brother. Up until a few years later, when his son Prince Aegon Targaryen was born to his new wife Queen Alicent.

Many of the Westerosi men believed that the King would name his firstborn son Aegon the heir upon Rhaenyra’s second name day, replacing Rhaenyra. Instead, for the duration of his reign, he continued to back his daughter Rhaenyra’s succession. Following his death, two factions will vie for the throne: those who support Rhaenyra and those who support Aegon; however, why are they called the blacks and the greens?

Why are they called the Blacks and the Greens?

Team Black and Team Green in 'House of the Dragon' Explained
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In the now-iconic scene from Episode 5, “We Light the Way,” we saw Queen Alicent attend Princess Rhaenyra’s wedding while wearing a green dress. This is a slight variation of the scene from Fire and Blood that explains how the Greens and Blacks got their names. This occurs in the book at King Viserys and Queen Alicent’s five-year wedding anniversary party.

Due to Rhaenyra’s red and black dress, which stands in for House Targaryen, her side of the war is referred to as the Blacks. In place of wearing the colors of the House she married into, Queen Alicent decides to wear a green dress in support of her family, House Hightower. And thus, her side of the war is referred to as Green.

Who are on Rhaenyra’s side with the Blacks in House of the Dragon?

Team Black
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On the Black side, we have Rhaenyra and her new husband, Daemon. After the Aemond fight, the couple married at the end of episode 7 for love and an allegiance advantage. Meanwhile, the Greens captured the largest living dragon, Vhagar. And thus, Rhaenyra asked her uncle to join her side in the looming political conflict. Of course, she had to deal with her current husband Laenor. But he was fine with him leaving the picture.

Daemon is a powerful member of the Blacks. In addition to his combat skill and intelligence, he has various connections in King’s Landing and knowledge of the Red Keep’s hidden passageways. Remember Mysaria, his former partner whom he planned to marry in episode 2? She’ll most certainly return as one of Daemon’s eyes and ears in the capital. However, he and his family have relocated to Dragonstone.

We also have Jacaerys, Lucerys, and baby Joffrey, as well as the Daemon’s twin daughters with Laena Velaryon, Baela, and Rhaena. Corlys and Rhaenys(Baela, and Rhaena’s grandparents) look to be on the Blacks’ side as well. In the oppressive patriarchal culture, Jace and Luke are the Velaryons’ future, carrying the name regardless of who their real father is. So Rhaenyra has the support (and dragons) of Westeros’ second most powerful family.

Who are on Alicent’s side with the Greens in House of The Dragon?

Team Green
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Alicent and her three children, Aegon II, Aemond, and Helaena, are at the heart of the Greens. They support Aegon II as the true heir because he is the king’s firstborn son. And many lords of Westeros expected Viserys to name him as heir as early as his second birthday. Aside from Alicent’s family tree, we have her allies, such as her father, Ser Otto Hightower, who was recently reinstated as Hand of the King, and Ser Criston Cole, who is now her sworn sword and has never recovered from being dumped by Rhaenyra a decade ago. She also has a ringer in Ser Larys Strong, who demonstrated his ambition by murdering his own father and brother to allow Otto to reclaim his position.

Who is undeclared?

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In the House of the Dragon era, Grand Maester Mellos, Master of Ships Ser Tyland Lannister (a less potent house at the time), and Master of Coin Lord Lyman Beesbury are the members of the High Council who have not yet chosen a side as of episode 7. If the plot of the show is anything like that of Fire & Blood, House Baratheon and its vassals—also known as subordinate houses—House Wylde, House Arryn, House Greyjoy, and House Stark will also be involved. As any Game of Thrones fan knows, while the Great Houses are the frontlines of battles, their vassal house allies have the power to shift the tide at any time. As such, viewers should keep an eye out for the various minor houses.

What about the dragons?

House of the Dragon
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Anyone keeping track of the number of dragons as the civil war gets underway will notice that the Blacks have six, with Syrax (bonded to Rhaenyra), Caraxes (Daemon), Vermax (Jacaerys), Arrax (Lucerys), Meleys (Rhaenys), Moondancer (Baela), and Seasmoke being the largest group (now wild after Laenor “died”).

Even though the Greens have fewer, including Sunfyre (Aegon) and Dreamfyre (Helaena), Vhaghar is twice as large as Caraxes, the largest dragon of the Blacks. The sides appear to be fairly evenly matched because they are both based in King’s Landing and have access to the Dragonpit and any wild dragons that may reside there. You won’t win The Dance of the Dragons in a single day.

With that said, whose side are you on? Are you team Black or Team Green? And who do you think will win the war? Let us know in the comments down below.

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