House Of The Dragon Episode 9 Recap: What Will Happen Next?

Ladies and gentleman, the dance of dragons has finally begun.

House Of The Dragon Episode 9 Recap: What Will Happen Next?
Image Credit: HBO

Game of Thrones was popular for usually dropping major twists in the penultimate episodes. Unlike its predecessor, House of the Dragon saved the best for the last. Following the events of House of the Dragon episode 9, where we lost King Viserys, the new installment was about making Aegon II the new King and Lord of the seven realms.

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King Viserys, the peaceful, was a sage man who knew what Otto was planning. Moreover, he even ruled him out of the Red Keep, but another wiper, Larys Strong came up with his own schemes. As a result, the entire King’s Landing is now full of traitors and liars. Today’s installment offered us many breathtaking events, and we’ll shed some light on all of them. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

The Greens make the first move

House Of The Dragon Episode 9 Recap: What Will Happen Next?
Image Credit: HBO

We started today’s episode with rather tragic news. The King has passed away, and Queen Alicent is shocked upon hearing this disheartening news. She quickly gets up and informs her father, Otto Hightower. Without wasting a minute, he calls a small council and breaks the news to everyone. Moreover, Alicent tells the members that it was the King’s last wish to see Aegon as the new King.

Everyone quickly begins to muster their plans, and Alicent was stunned at witnessing this mockery. However, Lord Beesbury rejects this treason and sadly, pays for it with his life.

House Of The Dragon: Finding Prince Aegon

House Of The Dragon Episode 9 Recap: What Will Happen Next?
Image Credit: HBO

The saddening news of Viserys’s demise spreads in the King’s Landing like wildfire. The Greens quickly move to put Aegon on the Iron throne. However, the ‘responsible’ Prince is missing and hard to find. Queen Alicent and Otto send Aemond, Criston, Ser Erryk, and Ser Arryk to find him.

At the same time, Ser Otto summons other Lords to support Aegon and kneel before him. However, some of the Lords do not agree with this excuse and deny their support. Otto mercilessly imprisons and kills them. Meanwhile, others are struggling to find Aegon. We also see Criston and Aemond visiting all the filthy places in the King’s Landing in search of him.

Moreover, Ser Erryk is unhappy with Aegon’s nomination as the new ruler after witnessing his cruelty. Here we also meet one of Aegon’s bastard children lying in the filthy streets as a beggar.

The White Worm Knows it all

Image Credit: HBO

While everyone is thoroughly searching for the great Prince, Alicent pays a visit to Rhaenys and requests her alliance. Ser Otto gets informed that someone knows the whereabouts of Prince Aegon, but she will only talk to him. We meet the White worm, who tells the Hand about the Prince and demands more than just some little coins.

Ser Arryk and Erryk find Aegon and take him to the Red Keep. However, Criston and Aemond stop Arryk and proceed to fight him. They want the Prince to be safe and trust no one. On the other hand, Larys is playing his part of being the wiper and meets the Queen to set her against Otto. Although we all knew the relationship between Alicent and Larys, the showrunners deliver a weird twist. We can safely say that they are now closer than ever.

Larys tells Alicent about Mysaria and her relations with Otto. He informs her that she is the whisperer for the Hand and asks for her permission to deal with Mysaria for good. The scene quickly cuts and shows us a house burning down. We can assume that Larys has used his old method to kill Mysaria.

All hail the King Aegon II

House Of The Dragon Episode 9 Recap: What Will Happen Next?
Image Credit: HBO

While the Ser Erryk manages to flee Rhaenys, the entire kingdom is gathered for Aegon’s ceremony. Rhaenys gets separated from her savior knight and dragged with the crowd. Moreover, Aegon’s heroic entry with epic music was mindblowing. Up to this point, everything was going in the Greens’ favor as Aegon was finally the new King.

However, Rhaenys did not accept this; she snuck into the castle and took her dragon, Meleys, to bring disaster to the ceremony. At this point, we all wished she had just said ‘Dracarys’ and ended this treason. We still don’t know what was going on in her mind as she fled back to Stepstones after the terrifying confrontation.

What to expect from House Of The Dragon finale?

The two major players, Rhaenyra and Daemon, were missing from the ninth episode. However, the finale will show us their wrath as they attack the King’s Landing. Moreover, we still do not know what fate has decided for the Cargyll twins. The finale will be the best opportunity for House of the Dragon to outshine its predecessor and become HBO‘s best series.

That’s all we have for today. What are your expectations from the finale? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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