House Of The Dragon Episode 8 Recap: The Last Supper

Let the rivalry begin!

House Of The Dragon Episode 8 Recap: The Last Supper
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Deaths never seem to take a break at King’s Landing. Unfortunately, this time it has taken the King himself with it. House of the Dragon episode 8 was an actual mess, and Viserys was trying hard to clean it. The King only wishes to unite his family and make the House Targaryen stronger than ever. However, the beloved member preferred to opt for something else.

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While King and his family were in the limelight for today’s episode, there were other horrific incidents too. We’ll give you a brief recap in this guide and highlight the important events for you guys. Moreover, you might have also noticed some new faces at King’s Landing. If you want to know more about them, head over to this page. Keeping all that in mind, let’s quickly start our discussion down below.

The Three Eggs

the three eggs
Image Credit: HBO

Today’s episode opened with the high tides at Driftmark. The eighth installment took us a couple of years toward the civil war. Moreover, the six-year time jump has taken Lord Corlys away from us. As far as we know, the brave knight was injured in a battle and is now heading to his homeland. On the contrary, his brother Vaemond is looking to take over his crown.

We also witness Prince Daemon fetching Syrax’s eggs for his sons. Princess Rhaenyra is now waiting for her son Lucerys Velaryon to sit on Driftmark’s throne and fulfill his grandfather’s wishes. At the Red Keep, the King is old and sick, so Queen Alicent and Ser Otto are making decisions on his behalf.

Furthermore, they wish Vaemond to sit at the Stepstones so that he could help them in future wars. The Queen sends an invite to the entire House Velaryon to discuss this matter.

Back home after so long

House Of The Dragon Episode 8 Recap: The Last Supper
Image Credit: HBO

Princess Rhaenyra and Daemon return to King’s Landing after a long time. Princess is stunned by so many changes around her home. The new sigils and new attires were all so strange for her. Coping with all these, the beloved daughter visits her father, who is no better than a corpse. Moreover, the sickness has taken over Viserys, and almost his entire body is decayed.

The father-daughter reunion was indeed an emotional moment for all of us. The guards quickly inform the Queen that guests have arrived. The Queen went to King’s chambers and met Rhaenyra and Daemon. The three have quite an interesting discussion with lots of taunts and glares. On the other hand, Jace and Lucerys are roaming the castle and commemorating old memories.

And we get to witness the all-grown Prince Aemond in a dual with Ser Criston. He has become a fine knight and is as skilled as Ser Criston. As we move on, Lord Vaemond enters the scene with a desire to overthrow his brother’s succession with Queen and Hand on his side.

House Of The Dragon: The final decision

House Of The Dragon Episode 8 Recap: The Last Supper
Image Credit: HBO

Everyone was getting ready for the big hearing at the court. Princess Rhaenyra was searching for allies and went to Rhaenys for her support. On the contrary, Vaemond went to Queen Alicent and Ser Otto for their support. However, the King has different plans for the hearing; He orders Otto to arrange a supper with his family.

The hearing begins, and Ser Otto is sitting on the Iron throne. The Hand gave Vaemond the chance to plead his case, and he was winning it at the moment. As Rhaenyra starts on behalf of his son, the King enters, and everyone is stunned by his entry. The sick old man somehow reaches the throne but falls in the way. Daemon helps him and gets the crown on his head.

Later, the King decides that Rhaenys should make the decision as she is the closest to Corlys. “The Queen who never was” announces that Lucerys Velaryon should be the next Lord of Driftmark as per Corlys’ orders. The King agrees and honors’ Rhaenys’ decisions and promotes Lucerys as the new Lord. Vaemond gets furious and starts to bad mouth Viserys and his Daughter.

Daemon quickly wields the Dark Sister and cut-off Vaemond’s head in front of the King. With a chaotic scenery in mind, everyone gets ready for supper.

House Of The Dragon: An old King’s last wish

House Of The Dragon Episode 8 Recap: The Last Supper
Image Credit: HBO

The King wants to have dinner with his entire family and order everyone to gather. However, the self-loathed members have nothing but hate each other. In fact, they did not stop even in front of the King. Moreover, their toasts were to demean each other.

The King lefts the supper early, and his family starts the fight quickly. Aemond and Jace were fighting over a futile dispute. The supper did not go well as planned. In the end, we see Viserys taking his last breath and talking about Aegon I’s prophecy.

What to expect from House Of The Dragon episode 9?

The penultimate episode will have the King’s Landing in chaos after Viserys’ death. The entire Landing will go under lockdown so that Queen Alicent can quickly have Aegon as the next King. Moreover, we’ll have more plotting from Larys Strong and Queen Alicent. The most awaited civil war will finally begin.

That’s all we have for this article. What are your expectations from the next episode? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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