House Of The Dragon Episode 8 Ending Explained: Who Is The Prince That Was Promised?

Will the miscommunication start a war?

House Of The Dragon
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Dance of the Dragons officially begins following the conclusion of House of the Dragons episode 8, as King Viserys’ fate is finally revealed. Throughout the majority of season 1, King Viserys I Targaryen has been on the point of death. His survival over the past 16 years is fairly astounding. However, House of the Dragon episode 8 reveals that Viserys is ultimately dead following a final supper gathering of both Targaryen factions.

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The Lord of the Tides, the eighth episode of House of the Dragon, ends with a few surprises that signal the start of the Targaryen civil war. The next generation of Targaryens will further divide the heirs of King Viserys into Rhaenyra’s black party and Alicent’s green party, which have been progressively growing over the years.

The violent Dance of the Dragons will finally start now that King Viserys appears to be going down in House of the Dragon episode 8. And Viserys’ last words were unintentionally what spurred the historic act of treason to take place. Therefore it was only fitting that House of the Dragon included one final surprise before disclosing the King’s tragic demise.

House Of The Dragon Episode 8 Ending Explained: Is Viserys really dead?

Yep, Viserys has indeed died. Viserys takes what sounds like his dying breath and whispers, “My love,” in this week’s House of the Dragon. And if that wasn’t enough, the Episode 9 preview confirms it.

The framing of the moment and his persistent perplexity lead us to believe that the “love” in discussion is his late wife Aemma. He is, after all, reaching out to someone who is not present and is posed similarly to Aemma on her deathbed. He’s even stretched out his right hand, the one he held up for Aemma. The fact that he continually misunderstood the women in his life — even mistaking Alicent for Aemma last week! — appears to confirm this theory.

What are his final words?

The whole of House of the Dragon Episode 8 appears to hint at Viserys’s demise. However, much of the entire series up to this point has shown the Targaryen monarch flinching at leaving this world. But this episode unmistakably felt like Viserys I’s swan song. First, he made what appeared to be a final push for the Iron Throne with the help of his brother Daemon (Matt Smith).

Then he oversaw a meal set up to resemble a Targaryen last supper. His goal? To reunite his family and resolve the succession issue once and for all. He first appeared to be successful. Alicent and Rhaenyra also reconciled! But it’s obvious that the younger generation has absorbed too much hate for one another from Aemond (Ewan Mitchell) taunting his “Strong” nephews and Aegon getting involved in the fight. Jace (Henry Collett) asking Helaena (Phia Saban) to dance was adorable to see, though.

The real tragedy, however, is that a confused Viserys believed Rhaenyra was by his side in the closing scene. He wanted to complete the talk started by his daughter the night before. But Alicent is the one who is listening. Alicent overhears Viserys discussing “Aegon” and “the prince that was promised,” and she eventually admits that she understands. But, does she really understand?

Does Alicent understand the “prince that was promised” prophecy?

Although Alicent claims to understand what Viserys just stated to her, the truth is that she does not!

It is obvious that Alicent believes Viserys is acknowledging that he is aware that Rhaenyra’s children are bastards, that their rebellious son Aegon is “the prince that was promised” who can unify the realm, and that she needs to ensure that Aegon occupies the Iron Throne. Viserys was actually carrying on a discussion concerning Aegon the Conqueror’s prophecy that he had with Rhaenyra the previous evening.

Because Viserys is answering directly to Rhaenyra’s question from the previous evening, “The Song of Ice and Fire, do you believe it to be true?” Viserys may not have been able to speak to Rhaenyra the previous evening. But from his behavior, it is clear that he was paying attention. If not, he wouldn’t have gotten out of bed to stand up for his daughter.

Tragically ironically, Alicent has no knowledge of either Rhaenyra’s talk with Viserys or the Song of Ice and Fire. She, therefore, interprets Viserys’ remarks to suggest that he intends for Aegon to reunite the realm following his death.

So, who is the “prince that was promised”?

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Viserys’ final words indicate that he believes his daughter Rhaenyra is “the prince that was promised,” or that one of her descendants will be. He is, umm, incorrect. (Although not on the descendant front…*)

So, who was “the prince (or princess) that was promised” ? There are two prominent candidates based on both the series and the books: Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. You’ll recall that the “prince that was promised” was frequently mentioned in Game of Thrones. At various periods, both Jon and Dany were thought to be the fulfillment of this prophecy. Although the show never answers the question.

Although George R.R. Martin has not completed his A Song of Ice and Fire trilogy, it is evident in Book 5 that many characters feel Dany is this hero. After all, she possesses dragons, Targaryen heritage, and the ability to bring disparate peoples together.

However, Jon Snow is another solid contender. While it is not mentioned in the books, it is heavily implied — and revealed in the show — that Jon is the secret son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. He possesses Targaryen lineage, underused warg magic, and, once again, the ability to unify disparate peoples.

So, who do you think is the prince that was promised? And who do you think should unify the realm? Let us know in the comments down below.

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