House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Recap: The Battle Begins

An eye for a dragon.

House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Recap: The Battle Begins
Image Credit: HBO

After the last episode’s chaos, fans were expecting the new installment to go on a lighter note. However, the makers had different plans for the fanatics. They included more schemings and plots in House Of The Dragon Episode 7. Moreover, today was a special treat for the Succession fans.

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Today’s episode started with the funeral of Princess Laena Velaryon and led to several exciting twists. Furthermore, the seventh episode marked the beginning of the battle between the Greens and Blacks. Yes! You heard that right. The whole realm knows that the Targrayens resent their own for the Iron Throne.

After hearing this much spice, who wouldn’t want to have a recap of this masterpiece. We are here to give you all a brief re-visit of today’s installment. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

In memory of Princess Laena

House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Recap: The Battle Begins
Image Credit: HBO

The seventh episode started with Laena’s funeral at Driftmark. Almost the entire cast was present to mourn the loss of House Velaryon. Moreover, the whole episode takes place in Driftmark. Daemon, the little devil he is, giggles during Vaemond’s eulogy. While everyone is mourning, Rhaenyra’s eyes are looking for her beloved uncle Daemon Targaryen.

On the other hand, the good-for-nothing grandkids, including Aegon and Jacaerys, were lost in their worlds. We get to see the Daemon and Viserys talking to each other after years. The ceremony concludes, and everyone returns to their dorms.

House of the Dragon: Caring relatives

House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Recap: The Battle Begins
Image Credit: HBO

After weeping for her daughter, Rhaenys wants to play the blame game while Lord Seasnake is looking for the Iron throne. Both of them discuss how Daemon is responsible for Laena’s death and who should be sitting on the Iron throne. Moving on to the heir, Princess Rhaenyra finally got some alone time with her uncle. However, the two take their relationship to the next level.

If you’re a Targaryen, you must own a dragon. Now to prove this theory right, Aemond heads toward Vhagar. Initially, the mighty beast retaliated, but the Targaryen blood finally got a hold of her. While Aemond enjoys riding the dragon, Baela and Rhaena witness the act and inform Jacaerys. Then the kids start to fight, and Aemond loses an eye in the dispute.

The Queen wants an eye for an eye

House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Recap: The Battle Begins
Image Credit: HBO

After the fight, all the family members gather in the hall, and Viserys ferociously scold the Kingsguard. Jacaerys and his brother claim that Aemond mocked them for being bastards. The King orders Aemond to speak and tell the name who put these words in his ears. He blames his brother and to which he replies Aegon that everybody knows.

Viserys ask everyone not to spread such vile accusations and adjourns the meeting. However, Alicent is unhappy with his decision and asks him to take one of Rhaenyra’s son’s eyes. The King politely declines and asks the Queen to stay calm. Alicent, in a rush, picks out the Catspaw dagger from Viserys and runs toward Rhaenyra with the intent to kill.

The moment is finally here, and everyone knows about the Greens and their intentions. The Kingsguard immediately stops Alicent, and the meeting ends with a shocking moment.

The Blacks finally made a move

House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Recap: The Battle Begins
Image Credit: HBO

The episode concluded with the best plot twist of the season. Rhaneyra and Daemon get married, while Laenor runs off from Driftmark with Ser Qarl. The plan was successfully executed, and Laenor is now dead to his family members. This strategy will have Daemon by Rhaenyra’s side in the race for Iron Throne.

What to expect from House Of The Dragon Episode 8?

The next will bring the final time jump of the season, and all the kids will be grown up. Moreover, we might expect King Viserys to die in the next episode, and the battle for the King’s Landing will officially begin. So be prepared to see new faces and more drama in the prequel series.

That’s all we have for this article. Meanwhile, check out our guide on “6 new characters that’ll play significant roles in Dance Of Dragons.” Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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