House Of The Dragon Episode 6 Recap: What Will Happen Next?

“What are children but a weakness?"

House Of The Dragon Episode 6 Recap: What Will Happen Next?
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Finally, an episode that’ll get us going for the upcoming events. House Of The Dragon episode 6 has provided a major push to the series. Now that we have all our characters fully grown up, we can anticipate the war in any of the forthcoming weeks. The sixth episode took us approximately to 129 AC.

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Moreover, the King’s Landing is now divided into two groups. It seems like Queen Alicent’s side is at the upper hand as of today’s episode. How? You aks. Let’s discuss today’s installment first, and then we’ll leave it up to you to answer this question.

Before getting started, let’s shed some light on one more enticing topic, eight House of the Dragon, that fans wish to have more screen time. With that said, let’s continue with the sixth episode’s recap down below.

Childbirth: Joffrey’s name continues

House Of The Dragon Episode 6 Recap: What Will Happen Next?
Image Credit: HBO

Today’s episode began with a lot of pain but with some goodness. We see Princess Rhaenyra giving birth to her third son. While she is not even fully recovered from the labor pain, Queen Alicent demands to see the newborn. Subsequently, the Queen’s wishes were fulfilled, and Rhaenyra and her baby and husband went to visit Alicent in her chambers.

After their awkward interaction, King Viserys enters the room and meets his grandson. Furthermore, Laenor names his third son Joffrey (a name you might be familiar with from the previous episode). After receiving comments on their baby’s looks, the couple leaves the chambers.

She went to meet her two sons who are hanging out with Ser Harwin Strong and having a dragon egg for Joffrey. However, the vital thing to notice here is that all the children do not have Laenor’s coloring. On the other hand, they all look exactly like Ser Breakbones Strong.

House Of The Dragon: An Open Secret in the Red Keep

House Of The Dragon Episode 6 Recap: What Will Happen Next?
Image Credit: HBO

The royal blood, i.e., the children of Alicenta and Rhaenyra, were training in the dragon pit. There we witness Aemond getting mocked by his brother and cousins for not having a dragon. As they leave, a creepy sound comes from the cave, and Aemon follows it. He witnessed the raging monster and ran like a rat in fear.

Alicent complains about this act to Viserys and blames it all on Rhaenyra’s sons. However, he calms her down and asks her to let it go. Moreover, she brings up that Jacaerys Velaryon and Lucerys Velaryon do not resemble Ser Laenor. Viserys has decided to ignore this as he did not respond to Alicent on this accusation.

Moving on, we see how Criston has changed colors. The same person who wanted to run away with the Princess is now cussing her. He has sided with Alicent and is currently serving her. As Alicent visits Aegon, we encounter another awkward and DISGUSTING incident (A mother caught his son pleasing himself). However, she chooses to ignore that and scolds him to start behaving like a King.

We also see Daemon living in Pentos with his daughters and wife, Laena. They are enjoying their lives away from King’s Landing. Moreover, Laena is expecting another baby. It’s good to see at least one couple is happy in Westeros.

The Most Awaited Face-Off

House Of The Dragon Episode 6 Recap: What Will Happen Next?
Image Credit: HBO

Cole is training all the Princes, and King Viserys is witnessing the show. He treats Aegon and Aemon better than the other two. Moreover, Ser Harwin visits the training ground. He is unhappy with his methods, and Criston puts Aegon against Rhaenyra’s elder son Jacaerys. Subsequently, they start the sparring, and Jacareys loses after putting in a lot of effort.

However, Breakbones questions Cole’s methods and asks him not to put a weak one against the stronger one. Criston says only a closer one can have such concerns, hence raising a remark over Harwin and Rhaneyra’s relations. Ser Strong beats Cole mercilessly and somewhat, proving the accusation right.

Rhaenyra is losing her calm and confronts Laenor that people are talking about our family and us. He also lashes out, and both start to fight. The Princess commands her to stay by her side, forcing Laenor to remain in the King’s Landing.

A Smart Proposal

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At the end of an intense small council meeting, Rhaenyra makes a proposal to Alicent. She asks her to marry Jacareys to her daughter Helaena. But then the princess’ breasts start visibly leaking through her dress, derailing the whole endeavor. Alicent replies that she’ll consider this matter, and the council is adjourned.

Later Alicent complains to Viserys about this proposal. However, the King sees it as brilliant and is happy with this decision. As he reaches his room, Lord Lyonel Strong visits him, asking him to resign from the duty of King’s Hand. After asking why he replied that Harwin’s insolent behavior degraded his honor. The King denied his request and ordered him to stay put in his position. Moreover, Lord Strong asks Viserys to let his son go and rule Harrenhall, and King allows it. So both father and son leave to their realm.

Later Alicent meets Larys (the Clubfoot) over a tea party. She discusses her concerns and tells him no one is by her side.

The Final Blow

Image Credit: HBO

The concluding 20 minutes of the series were most intriguing as they showed the death of three main characters. Firstly we witnessed Lyonel and Harwin being followed by suspicious men on their way. As soon as they reached their towers, a fire caught in Harwin’s room. Moreover, both Breakbones and Lord Lyonel died in the incident.

Larys orchestrated the act to satisfy Queen Alicents demands. On the other hand, Lady Laena failed to give birth to her child. Moreover, she was in intense pain and went to her dragon Vhagar to burn herself. As she commands the beast ‘Dracarys,’ it does not respond at first. Sooner the dragon throws flames from the mouth and burns Laena to the ground.

Funny how fire can help to reign and destroy simultaneously in House of the Dragon. After these events, Princess decided to leave King’s Landing with her family. With all that said, let’s discuss the seventh episode’s plot in the next section of this article.

What to expect from House Of The Dragon Episode 7?

The seventh episode will bring more forces to Rhaenyra. Morever, she will return to Driftmark, and Daemon will also head towards the same place. Queen Alicent’s true face and nature will reveal in front of all the people in King’s Landing. It will also see Ser Otto’s return as King’s Hand.

Furthermore, if you still have questions about Rhaenyra’s children’s actual father, check out our guide here.

That’s all we have for this article. What are your expectations from the next episode? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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