House Of The Dragon Episode 4 Recap: What Will Happen Next? (Spoilers Ahead!)

A long and icky night in the Red Keep.

House Of The Dragon Episode 4 Recap: What Will Happen Next? (Spoilers Ahead!)
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It is surprising how well the prequel series is achieving success, considering the impact Game Of Thrones has left on the audience. Moreover, it has started to follow in the footsteps of the original series. Yes! You heard that right. With the latest installment House Of The Dragon Episode 4, the series dives headlong into the quagmire of sexual politics.

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It’s been four years since Baelon’s death, “Heir for a Day,” and everyone is eyeing the Iron throne. Queen Alicent has given birth to a son and is now nursing the other one. Moreover, King Viserys I develops a gross-looking disease on his back and arms. Subsequently, indicating to the beginning of the civil war.

The fourth episode occurred in 116 AC, and Princess Rhaenyra is almost eighteen. Furthermore, the new installment depicts more than just politics. We’ll be discussing the entire episode below and checking out its consequences. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

House Of The Dragon Episode 4: The Return Of Daemon Targaryen

Daemon Targaryen
Image Credit: HBO
  • We begin today’s episode with Rhaenyra rejecting everyone in her dating pool. The suitors line up and introduce themselves in front of the Princess. After getting bored, she leaves for King’s Landing.
  • As her ship is sailing, Daemon’s dragon descends close to her and knocks her down on the deck. However, she seems to be charmed by this act.
  • Later we observe Daemon kneeling before the King after his glorious victory over the Crab Feeder. In Thorne Hall, he ends the years of tension with his brother, and the entire room applauds the reunion.

The Party

House Of The Dragon Episode 4 Recap: What Will Happen Next? (Spoilers Ahead!)
Image Credit: HBO
  • Celebrating the reunion with his brother, the King throws a party in his honor. However, we soon realize the tension between him and Rhaenyra remains intact. After witnessing the fight between them at the royal hunt, it seems things are still not better.
  • Later, she mends her quarrel with Queen and shares her distress. Moreover, both talks about the burden of marriage and childbirth. Princess expresses her views by stating that Alicent is nothing more than heirs producing machine for the King.
  • She then discusses the same fear with Daemon and also questions his return to the Red Keep. Daemon clarifies to her that ‘Marriages are always political’ in the Targaryen family. However, she denies being a victim of such terrible traditions and customs.
  • The party comes to a conclusion, and a small emergency council is summoned to discuss Lord Carolys’ alliance with Free cities in the realm. Now to correct his mistake, Viserys is thinking of marrying his daughter to Ser Laenor Velaryon.

A long night

House Of The Dragon Episode 4 Recap: What Will Happen Next? (Spoilers Ahead!)
Image Credit: HBO
  • As the long tiring day ends, we witness Rhaenyra entering her room to get some rest. She finds a letter in her room asking to meet outside the Red Keep. Both disguised as a page, Daemon and she roams into the Renaissance-like festival at King’s Landing.
  • Enjoying the festival, the Princess enjoys the drama and all other attractions in the market. Later, Daemon takes her to the brothel, where men and women indulge in taboo acts. Here Daemon kisses Rhaenyra. Shocking! Right? The two of them begin two undress each other and commits the crime.
  • However, Daemon stops the disgusting act and leaves the brothel at once. The Princess returns to the castle and closes the doors of her room. On the other hand, the scene cuts to King Viserys copulating with Alicent. Moreover, Rhaenyra lures in Ser Criston Cole and seduces him. Later on, he completes her night’s quest and satisfies her desires.
  • Moreover, both the act by Princess seems to have a rejection of her duty in favor of her own desires. With this, the long night ends and thus starts the morning with vile accusations.

A morning with ‘Vile Accusations’ and its consequences

House Of The Dragon Recap: What Will Happen Next? (Spoilers Ahead!)
Image Credit: HBO
  • The next morning Ser Otto gets reported about Daemon and Rhaenyra’s act. Gathering all his courage, he tells the King that his brother and daughter were coupling together last night. Moreover, Alicent overhears the conversation and confronts Rhaenyra.
  • Rhaenyra flatly lies to her face and denies all the accusations. In fact, she blames Ser Otto for spreading such disgusting rumors about her character.
  • The King forcefully summons the Daemon and asks him if all this is true. Accepting all his doings, Daemon shows guts to ask Viserys to marry the Princess to her. The angry King throws his brother out of Red Keep and proceeds to discuss the matter with his daughter.
  • Tired of everyone what to do, Viserys orders Rhaenyra to marry Ser Laenor. In exchange, she claims justice and asks to fire Ser Otto Hightower from the position of King’s Hand.
  • The convinced King immediately removes Otto from his duties and convicts him of being greedy. Furthermore, he tells Otto that his plan to set up Alicent during his time of grief and plotting has revealed that he is no longer loyal to the crown.

House Of The Dragon Episode 5: What will happen next?

After the disgusting visuals in House Of The Dragon Episode 4, we can expect the beginning of the civil war in the upcoming one. As per the preview, it will show Princess Rahenyra getting married to Ser Laenor. Moreover, the King’s health is not improving, and everyone is looking to take the throne.

Subsequently, Lady Rhaenys and Ser Otto have started their planings and wish to take over the Iron Throne. However, with Rhaenyra in their way, it will be fun to watch the new episode.

That’s all we have for this article. What are your expectations from the next episode? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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