House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap: What Will Happen Next? (Spoilers Ahead!)

Witness the dragon's rage in the third episode.

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Is It Possible To Watch “House Of The Dragon” Episode 3 For Free Online?
Image Credit: HBO

We do not get a lot of shows whose each episode offers the same rhythm and action equivalently. So far, the Game Of Thrones prequel series is perfectly playing this role. With power-packed entertainment, House of the Dragon episode 2 has a galvanic effect on the fanatics.

We get to see a lot of epic scenes in today’s episode, some of which are worth reminiscing about. Moreover, this streaming guide will discuss the critical moments of the second episode that blew away our minds. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Crab Feeder  aka Craghas Drahar: The new baddie on the shores of Westeros

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap: What Will Happen Next? (Spoilers Ahead!)
Image Credit: HBO

Crab Feeder is a sea pirate who is known for leaving his victims to get nibbled to death by crustaceans. Moreover, the horrific tortures can be seen at the beginning of this week’s episode. However, the makers have displayed it with excellent presentation, with the low golden sunset in the back of black smoke from the burning ships.

Furthermore, this sight is the beginning of the upcoming massacre. While Corlys is worried about the incident, King Viserys asks him to handle the situation calmly and not to wage war against the sea pirates.

House Of The Dragon Episode 2: Rhaenyra Targaryen welcomes Sir Criston to the Kingsguard

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap: What Will Happen Next? (Spoilers Ahead!)
Image Credit: HBO

On the orders of King Viserys, Sir Harrold takes the princess Rahenyra Targaryen to choose someone to fill a vacancy in the Kingsguard. With so many options, the princess asks Harold to pick out someone with actual combat experience. Moreover, fulfilling her demand, he summons Ser Criston Cole, a.k.a; the dashing knight from the tournament.

With no hesitations, the new heir selects Criston to fill the vacant position. However, Sir Harold was unhappy with this decision as he wished to choose someone who could improve their alliance with other kingdoms.

Wedding proposals for King Viserys

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap: What Will Happen Next? (Spoilers Ahead!)
Image Credit: HBO

While Queen Aemma Arryn’s ashes have not yet cooled, the entire Westeros is worried about King’s remarriage. Moreover, Corlys and his wife Rhaenys make a case for the King to wed their daughter Laena. However, it doesn’t matter if she is ten and he is around 50, as the old medical rules allow it.

On the other hand, Sir Otto is planning to put his daughter Alicent in King’s heart and become the new queen. With so many alliances plotting to get closer to Viserys, it will be fun to watch the actions in the latest episodes.

Daemon Targaryen VS. Rahenyra Targaryen

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap: What Will Happen Next? (Spoilers Ahead!)
Image Credit: HBO

We see Sir Otto reporting to Viserys about a small emergency council as Prince Daemon has stolen the dragon’s egg and is taking a second wife, Mysaria. Moreover, they expect a child and will put an egg in the cradle. The king orders Otto to retrieve the egg, and he meets Daemon on the bridge.

As their encounter begins, Rahenyra appears on Syrax, landing behind the Hightower. Moreover, she goes to Daemon asking to return the egg, and after a heated discussion, he gives it back to her.

House Of The Dragon Episode 3: What will happen next?

After such a breathtaking episode, fans do not want to settle for less. Moreover, it is expected to focus on King Viserys and Alicent’s child. It will raise questions on Rhaenyra’s succession to the Iron throne. Furthermore, it will begin the rivalry between two best friends, Rhaenyra and Alicent.

With an incredible battle in the upcoming episode, fans can expect more ruthless killings. Furthermore, these episodes have put us in a dilemma about whether Rhaenyra will sit on the throne or not. So check out our guide to have a better idea on this matter.

That’s all we have for this article. Did you like House Of The Dragon episode 2? What are your expectations from the forthcoming one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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