House Of The Dragons Season 1 Finale Leaks Online (NO Spoilers Inside)

Be careful on social media websites and Reddit.

How Are Dragons Assigned In House Of The Dragon?
Image Credit: HBO

Following in the footsteps of Game Of Thrones, it seems that HBO‘s House of the Dragons too can’t stay clear of leaks. As per various Reddit posts and leaked clips circling the file-sharing websites and Twitter, it’s clear that the Season 1 Finale, which is scheduled to air on Sunday 9 PM ET, has leaked online.

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As per the official HBO previews, the finale titled “The Black Queen” will show Rhaenyra and Daemon dealing with the schemes of “The Green Council,” which resulted in Aegon Targaryen II’s coronation as Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.

Coming back to the subject of leaks, the first two episodes of House of the Dragons also made its way to the general public before their official airing. While it’s not clear who’s behind these developments, chances are that it could be some regional HBO partners who license content in different languages.

If you’re someone who likes to stay away from plot leaks and rumors, you’re advised to stay away from social media. You can also go one step further and use various methods like browser extensions, muting phrases on social media websites, etc., to further avoid any leaked content or information.

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