Top Software Engineering Jobs In 2020: AR/VR Engineer Jobs Rise By 1400%


The year 2020 is going to be great for candidates looking for Software Engineering jobs. According to Hired report, the demand for software engineers has increased, especially for AR/VR Engineers.

In recent years, major tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook, have been investing in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Hottest Software Engineering Jobs In 2020

The following positions were ranked as the most in-demand software engineering jobs in 2020 along with with the percentage rise in the job vacancies posted by companies.

1 AR/VR Engineer 1400%
2 Gaming engineer 146%
3 Computer vision engineer 146%
4 Search engineer 137%
5 Machine Learning engineer 89%
6 Security engineer 49%
7 Data engineer 45%
8 Frontend engineer 45%
9 Backend engineer 17%
10 Blockchain engineer 9%
11 Full-stack engineer 5%
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Demand For AR/VR Engineers Rose By 1,400%

Last year, Hired’s State of Software Engineers report showed greater demand for Blockchain Engineer. Back then it appeared that the same trend would continue this year too.

However, the hype has fizzled out as Blockchain Engineer saw a meager 9% rise in demand this year in comparison to its explosive 517% growth last year.

Whereas 2020 seems to be the year of AR/VR with an increasing demand of +1400%. The growth in AR/VR demand is a direct reflection of the technology itself coming of age for a broader array of businesses outside of gaming.

We have seen multiple use cases where apps are leveraging AR to superimpose information on your screen through a smartphone camera. For instance, the new “Live View” option in Google Maps which gives you real-time directions, or the Ikea Place app in which you can preview how pieces of furniture would look like in your house.

If we talk about the potential of VR versus AR technology, it’s pretty obvious that AR is the one getting a broader appeal. This is because the extent of VR is mostly limited to gamers who wear headsets.

Major tech companies now view VR as a gateway to more wide-reaching possibilities in AR technology. AR has an advantage of widespread adoption in our everyday lives, just like we can see on the new Google Maps feature, or gaming apps likes Pokemon Go.

Meanwhile, in 2019, there were more than 7,000 AR/VR inventions patented globally — which is more than in any year to date, according to Derwent (a subsidiary that maintains a comprehensive database of patent information).

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Hired also states that 74% of software engineers predict that we will see the full impact of AR/VR within the next 5 years. And 46% of software engineers ranked AR/VR as one of the top 3 technologies they would like to learn in 2020.

Overall, we can conclude that the way AR/VR technology is growing and the amount that major companies are spending on hiring talent and developing AR/VR tech, this is the best time to switch to be Software Engineer in this field.

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