Here’s The History Behind Netflix Codes That Unlock Tons Of Hidden Movies And Shows

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If you find yourself browsing around Netflix rather than watching movies and TV, there is a better option. You don’t have to rely on the algorithm or the newish two-thumbs-up-like option. If you’re tired of seeing the same list of TV shows and movies based on your profile and previous viewing history, you know it’s not the ideal approach to find anything new to watch quickly or any other specialized genres you might be interested in.

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However, there is a hidden way for filtering Netflix’s collection by genre to get exactly what you’re looking for: Netflix codes. These codes each relate to a different genre, which the algorithm uses to categorize and deliver recommendations. Instead of passively accepting the algorithm’s recommendations, learn how to use Netflix codes to locate your own next binge-watch.

What are Netflix codes, and what’s the history behind developing them?

Though not a new discovery, Netflix codes are based on a number system used by the service to categorize films and episodes by genre and subgenre. In August, Netflix stated that it had approximately 30,000 codes. Please keep in mind that codes can only be used on Netflix’s website, not on its apps. You can also check out our guide on Netflix codes to help you find shows you want to watch.

According to Mary Bertone of Netflix’s Curation and Taxonomy team, these codes date back to when Netflix was only selling DVDs. At the time, featured a public-facing genre tree that linked to all of the various types of films and TV shows, each with its own unique ID code. A fan scraped the genre tree for all the codes, posted the list online, and people have been using those codes (along with thousands more added since) to this day.

He also said that new codes are added as inspiration strikes. Meanwhile, the time of year and personal tastes is also taken into consideration. For example, horror movies like Small Town Scares (81496215) may be available around Halloween, and romance rows may appear around Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, when Pete Davidson rapped that he wanted to watch “Short-Ass Movies” on SNL, the team reacted with a collection of the same name (81603903).

Meanwhile, here are a few popular Netflix codes to help you start with:

Netflix Secret Codes 2022

The full list of codes shared on Reddit
Image: Netflix

Why should you use them?

There is debate over whether you should watch Netflix or use another platform. In reality, this is a popular streaming tool with a slew of advantages. By using the Netflix codes feature, you can access any category on the streaming platform You are not obligated to consume the content that others do. With access to the secret codes, you will have more power and freedom when using the platform.

There’s another reason why you should use Netflix. It is available on a variety of devices. You can access the content if you have a phone, laptop, or television set. All you have to do is sign up for the platform. You will be able to enjoy the movies, use the secret codes, and have the best experience with the streaming service.

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