What’s Going On? Game Designer Hideo Kojima Meets Baahubali’s SS Rajamouli

Just imagine a collaboration between these two geniuses.

hideo kojima ss rajamouli
Image: Twitter / Hideo Kojima

This is as interesting as it gets for video game and movie aficionados. Veteran game designer Hideo Kojima has revealed glimpses of his meeting with one of the biggest movie directors in India today, SS Rajamouli. As obvious, fans have been theorizing what the Metal Gear creator and the Baahubali director have been cooking.

Although the encounter between these two may surprise many, it was actually quite likely to happen at some point. That’s because Kojima isn’t untouched by Rajamouli’s exemplary filmmaking. Over the past few weeks, he has tweeted avidly about his love for the Telugu director’s latest mega-hit, RRR.

In a Twitter post, Kojima shared pictures of him greeting SS Rajamouli at his studio. Moreover, he showed the signed RRR poster and a custom bandanna that the master moviemaker gifted him. Interestingly, the poster contained a personal message from Rajamouli, “Dearest Kojima San, Thank you for all the love and support.”

rajamouli gift to kojima
Image: Twitter / Hideo Kojima

However, that wasn’t the only activity of note that took place on the day. Soon after, Kojima unveiled shots of what appears to be Rajamouli’s face scan. In the caption, he mentioned, “Director S.S. Rajamouli visited KJP!!! We have scanned him.” This revelation sent fans into a frenzy and spurred them to draw speculations.

Is SS Rajamouli going to feature in a Hideo Kojima game?

Big game development studios use the best possible ways to transfer the precise physical features of an actor into a game. That’s why they use sophisticated technology and processes, one of which is a facial scan.

Even if we can’t be sure, there’s a good chance Kojima has scanned Rajamouli in the hopes of putting him in a future game. This claim is strengthened by the fact that, previously, the Japanese artist has transformed his real-life friends, such as Conan O’Brien, into video game characters.

ss rajamouli body scan
Image: Twitter / Hideo Kojima

Keeping in mind that Death Stranding 2 rumors are catching the wind, it could be possible that Rajamouli may have a special guest appearance in the game. Alternatively, he may even have taken the scan for use in another unannounced project. Either way, it would be the first time an Indian celeb has starred in a major video game.

When two maestros of their respective arts come together, something great happens. Let’s hope this particular encounter turns into one of those cases. By the way, what do you think Kojima and Rajamouli talked about during their interaction? Is Rajamouli’s appearance in a Hideo Kojima game on the cards? Sound off in the comments below.

Priye Rai

Priye Rai

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