Here’s Why You Should Get A Job In Cybersecurity

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Here's Why You Should Get A Job In Cybersecurity
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While there is no denying that the world is edging toward a global recession in 2023, the picture is not universally doom and gloom. In the midst of these bad news stories, there are tales of success too. In fact, some tech sectors are growing and thriving, and one such is cybersecurity. 

The financial outlook for the next few years is less than rosy. Central banks across the world are simultaneously hiking their interest rates in response to inflation. Top tech companies are starting to let staff go in their hundreds, if not thousands, and the cost of everyday essentials such as milk, bread, and fuel are higher than they have been in decades. 


By 2027, market research company BrandEssence projects that the global cybersecurity market will reach $403 billion; that’s with a compound annual growth rate of 12.5% between 2020 and 2027. 

This sector is thriving for a number of reasons, but in large part, because there are more cyberattacks happening every year. Between 2020 and 2021, the average number of cybersecurity attacks per year rose 31%, according to Accenture’s State of Cybersecurity Report 2021. The average number of successful attacks per company was 29. 

These infiltrations are expensive. According to IBM, data breaches cost businesses an average of $3.62 million. That number can put many companies out of business. 

For that reason, cybersecurity measures are becoming a necessary consideration for all enterprises, from thriving startups to multinational corporations. So, if you’re looking for a future-proof career, there has never been a better time to explore this sector.

In fact, the 2020–2030 job outlook for cybersecurity roles is expected to grow faster than the average for other occupations (by 33% and 11%, respectively), according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

So what are the most common roles? The specific responsibilities of a cybersecurity professional often depend on the size and resources of the company. At a smaller firm, you might be a jack of all trades. Many cybersecurity professionals start as generalists before specializing in an area such as application security, forensics, security architecture, vulnerability management, threat intelligence, or network security.

Here are some common job titles and average salaries, according to Indeed.


While cybersecurity roles are varied and cover a whole host of different sectors, the skills you need to succeed are usually the same. If you want to make it in this industry, then you’ll need excellent coding skills, an in-depth understanding of networking, and experience with public cloud systems such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. You’ll also need knowledge of intrusion detection systems, operating systems, and virtual machines.

Have you got what it takes? Take a look at some open roles below, and you can discover plenty more on the Fossbytes Job Board too.

Cybersecurity Analyst, Vestwell, New York

Vestwell is a digital recordkeeping platform that specializes in 401(k) savings. Currently, the team is looking for an “experienced, meticulous, and detail-oriented Cybersecurity Analyst to be responsible for monitoring the security systems.” The security analyst’s responsibilities include securing infrastructure, filtering out suspicious activity, and finding and mitigating security risks before any breaches can occur. The role comes with competitive health coverage, an impressive remote-hybrid policy, and an open vacation policy. You can find out more here

Threat and Vulnerability Manager, Deloitte, Honolulu

How would you like to live in the Hawaiian capital? Deloitte is currently hiring a Threat and Vulnerability Manager. This new hire will provide recommendations and technical guidance, serve as a point of escalation for remediation activities, and develop automation and scripting to reduce manual processes. If you have a Bachelor’s degree and six years of related experience then consider applying online here.

Cybersecurity Project Manager, Apple, Cupertino

The Business Solutions team within Apple is seeking a Cybersecurity Project Manager to lead the planning and execution of an end-to-end cybersecurity assessment/audit process. The successful candidate will provide operational support, contribute to documenting the controls processes, and provide leadership and transparency throughout the program lifecycle. Perks include gym credit and a stock purchase program. You can find out all the details here

Find your next exciting cybersecurity role on the Fossbytes Job Board today.

By Pippa Hardy

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