Here’s Why The House Of The Dragon Reuses GOT’s Main Theme

It's all connected.

House Of The Dragon
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The first episode of House of the Dragon notably lacked an opening credit scene. Even though there were no credits, the usual swell of music could be heard. House of the Dragon has used the same opening credits theme from episode 2.

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While many of the creatives from Game of Thrones are not involved with House of the Dragon, Djawadi has brought his own touches to the new show. As the story of House Targaryen unfolds, previous Game of Thrones themes and musical cues have been reworked to fit the new series.

House of the Dragon theme song connection explained

Djawadi began as Westeros’ composer with the first season of Game of Thrones. He continued to expand on his Game of Thrones compositions with the HBO prequel series, House of the Dragon. Because House of the Dragon is a prequel series, audiences expected a new title sequence. In an interview with IGN, Djawadi explains why the theme has carried over. He said:

“I think that’s a good example of tying back the old material with the new. As a franchise to just connect all of these stories together. In the original main title, we always looked at and thought of it as an overarching theme that connects all of the characters and the journey and the adventures of this universe. So we felt it would be appropriate to connect it with this main title theme again.”

While House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones are set in different eras, they both tell various sections of a larger epic plot. The music connects the two and puts the audience in a certain frame of mind. It is unknown whether any future Game of Thrones spinoff shows will use the same theme created by Djawadi.

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