Here’s Why Google Showed Narendra Modi’s Picture As First Indian PM


image-result-google-blunder-narendra-modi-first-prime-minister-reason-why-Short Bytes: If you Google “India’s first prime minister”, you’ll be getting the result with a picture of the current prime minister Narendra Modi. Know why this is happening.

Do you remember the time when Google was showing Indian Prime Minister’s picture in top 10 criminal’s list? Well, Google has done another blunder and once again it’s related to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

If I ask our Indian readers about their first prime minister, I’ll get the answer Jawaharlal Nehru unanimously. But, Google thinks somewhat different.

Maybe the internet is too much crowded with the “Har ghar Modi, ghar ghar Modi” slogans and Google is confusing him as the first prime minister of India.

If you Google “India’s first prime minister”, you’ll be getting the following result with a picture of the current prime minister Narendra Modi.

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Well, I thought that this could be due to some website’s erroneous metadata, so I sniffed the web page’s source code and I found that the image shown was being served from the Wikipedia page of the List of Prime Minister’s of India. At the very top of this Wikipedia page, there’s an image of PM Modi, which is being served at the first prime minister result page.


Digging deeper, I found that the alternative text for image (one of the many ways Google recognises and serves images) is set as “Image result for India’s first prime minister.” Being an image hosted on Wikipedia, this result was prioritised and is being shown on the result page.

I hope that Google (and Wikipedia) corrects this mistake soon and avoid serving such confusions in future.

Update: It’s being reported that some users are now getting the result without PM Modi’s image.

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Adarsh Verma

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